Will GTA 6 Have Sex Mods?

Will we get some NSFW action?
GTA 6 Sex mods
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Sex mods have been a popular element of GTA games in the past years due to the game’s great graphics and open-world exploration that allows you to meet and interact with plenty of characters.

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Let’s be honest: the setup of the game is perfect for experienced modders just to come in and brush up on some details, easily giving players naked NPCs, adding flirty conversations, and changing the overall environment of places you visit, like bars and clubs.

With the new GTA 6 releasing sometime in 2025, it’s fair to ask ourselves – can we expect some NSFW mods for this new game?

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Can We Expect Mods for GTA 6?

Yes, I think that we can expect mods for GTA 6, but having said that, I need to acknowledge that there are some issues at hand. Mods, in general, work on some platforms better than others, which will influence who can use them and when they can appear.

First of all, as every GTA gamer knows, the game is released for consoles first. That means only PS5 and Xbox Series X and S get it on the 2025 release date, and PC players can expect it somewhere during 2026.

Will GTA 6 Be Modded on All Platforms?

If we look at the past and GTA 5 modding experience, then the answer is probably no. GTA V had the majority of its mods on PC, and that’s logical. PC game folders can easily be accessed and manipulated, and even if we forget about the GTA franchise for a moment, you can see that the majority of other games have unofficial mods created mainly for PCs.

On the other hand, there are some GTA 5 mods for PS4 as well, but those only worked if you had a jailbreak PS4, aka the one that is hacked and kept offline forever. Even though they technically work, I don’t know how many people like the feeling of being prevented from going online ever again.

This puts me on a path where I honestly don’t see any GTA 6 mods coming for PS5, which means that even if we see mods in this game (which I firmly believe will happen), it won’t be before 2026. A bummer, but it is what it is.

So, What About the Sex Mods in GTA 6?

From my experience, sex mods are the most popular group of mods out there for many games. Sure, cheats, overpowered weapons, different characters, and vehicle skins are nice, but nothing beats the NSFW mod community. So, I could safely say – where there are mods, there are sex mods.

Another exciting thing is that by the looks of the GTA 6 trailer released in December 2023, the graphics on the game are pretty neat, meaning that we can expect high-quality nude models that come with the game’s sex mods.

Sadly, as mentioned above, we probably won’t see sex mods for GTA 6 until the PC release in 2026.

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