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What is Hush Mush in GTA Online? Answered

A dating site in GTA?

GTA Online players you’re going to love this one. Do you feel as if robberies, drug deals, and killing aren’t enough in GTA Online? Are you looking for that special someone? Unfortunately, you’re going to want to sit down for this one. GTA V really tried to add romance as an option in the game and now players will have to rely on their own skills to find a partner in GTA Online role-play. There was a time when Hush Mush was popular to use and we have all the details about what it was. Here’s everything we know about Hush Mush in GTA.

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Hush Mush Dating in GTA

We can’t believe it’s been years since the release of GTA V. It had players discovering secrets, unlocking character’s histories we hadn’t known about, and teaching us the importance of friends and family. Today, players are still incredibly active when it comes to GTA V online features. Players are uploading videos of them using mods, stealing cars from helicopters, and attempting to flirt with other players. When GTA V was released there was a site known as Hush Mush. You had the opportunity to meet and date men and women for the low sum of $500. Unfortunately, you wouldn’t be able to meet these suitors since the functionality of the site was limited. You’d basically be throwing away money. You’d be able to see the protagonists of the game’s images displayed such as Trevor, Michael, and Amanda. Other than that, there wasn’t much to it.

Is Hush Mush Dating Active in GTA?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but as of today, the Hush Mush URL,, is no longer functional in GTA. It’s a shame because we think this could be a fun tool to use for the online features. Imagine being able to create a dating profile in GTA Online RPG and you’d have to pay money to meet some new people. Of course, it would need to be regulated to avoid anything disastrous, but imagine the stories you could create. It’s already a fun experience scrolling through TikTok stories and seeing the Role Playing community engage with people. This might not be a feature they will release anytime soon but one can dream.

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