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Is GTA 6 Going to Be Set in Chicago?

Let's go to the Windy City!

Fans of the GTA franchise finally have something to look forward to. Rockstar announced a trailer for GTA 6, and the main topic on the internet is where the game will be set. Part of the players hope that it will be in a new American city.

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Will GTA 6 Be Set in the Midwest?

Most of the title cities in GTA were representations of big cities, so Vice City represented a version of Miami, Liberty City, New York, Los Santos was a copy of Los Angeles, and San Andreas represented California as a whole. Many people are now wondering – is it Chicago‘s turn?

Reddit users emphasize Chicago as a good location for GTA since it is known that the city has huge problems with gangs and crime in general. Chicago native added that if Rockstar decided to set the game there, they should also include subjects such as corruption because it seems it would fit perfectly into the GTA storyline. There are also those players who are against Chicago being the central city of the game, backing that view with concerns that it would not be too different from GTA 4’s Liberty City.

Some mention that maybe Rockstar Games will reintroduce Carcer City. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, Carcer City was the setting for Manhunt, and it represented a combination of Detroit, New Jersey, St. Louis, and Chicago. It was also mentioned several times throughout the GTA, but players were never able to actually visit the location.

Others suggest that instead of Chicago, Rockstar should make a combination of a couple of cities that would represent the Midwest in general. Some users say that the developers used the same cities in all of the games and that it is time for them to create a new one, which will maybe stay in our hearts forever like Liberty City or Los Santos did.

Personally, I think Chicago could be an interesting choice for GTA 6. After San Andreas, we didn’t have classic gangs and their wars and beefs, and Chicago would give us just that. On the other hand, I’m a little worried that the architecture of Chicago itself will be a challenge for the developers since, due to the nature of the game, it is not rewarding to copy it to the end, so they would probably have to adapt to it, which carries with it the risk of losing authenticity.

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