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Where to get Everflame Seeds in Genshin Impact

The Everflame Seed is a character level-up material. If you’re leveling a Pyro character, there’s a good chance you’ll need to farm some of these. If you’re not sure where to farm the, don’t worry because we got you covered. Here’s where to get Everflame Seeds in Genshin Impact.

Where to get Everflame Seeds in Genshin Impact

Everflame Seeds drop from Pyro Regisvine in Liyue. You can find a Pyro Regisvine at the arena between Tianqiu Valley, Cuijue Slope, and Lahua Pool. It’s deep in the mountains, so get ready to do some climbing to get there. Taking down this elite usually nets you one to two Everflame Seeds. Refer to the image below if you’re not sure of the location of the Pyro Regisvine.

Like all Regisvines, make sure you have 40 Resin available before proceeding to the area. You need to use up the Resin to claim your rewards. The Pyro Regisvine also drops some Gladiator set pieces, a powerful gear set for your characters. If you’re having trouble with the fight, you can craft some fire resistance potions from the Alchemy table in Mondstadt or any major city.

You will need two Everflame Seeds, along with three Agnidus Agate Fragments and some more common materials to Ascend your Pyro characters to Ascension Level 2. Make sure to do Regisvines whenever you have some Resin available to be as efficient as possible. Focus on specific elemental Regisvines based on the characters you use.

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