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Where to find the Meowth Balloon in Pokemon Go

Where to find the Meowth Balloon in Pokemon Go
via Niantic

Players have been busy finding Pokemon Go’s Team Rocket balloons around the map. With this new mechanism, players can battle team leaders, decoys, or Giovanni. But now, Jessie and James have arrived in Pokemon Go via a Meowth Balloon. Now you’re probably wondering where to find the Meowth Balloon in Pokemon Go, so here’s what we know so far.

Where to find the Meowth Balloon in Pokemon Go

The Meowth balloon is a random spawn chance, and there’s not much you can do to force it to appear on command. It has the same general shape as a regular Team GO Rocket Balloon but instead has the Meowth image. Check your map to see if Jessie and James’ Meowth balloon is flying by near your location. 

Whenever you find the Meowth Balloon in Pokemon Go, you can tap on it to battle Jessie and James. Rather than battling the regular team leaders, decoys, and grunts as you usually would, Jessie and James will show up instead.

Additionally, new avatar items for Jessie and James are now in the in-game shop. The free items include an avatar and some free outfits, as well. Jessie and James will not be in the game for long, so you should act now if you want to participate in this limited-time event. The encounter is only about as hard as the grunts you would face. You fight them one after the other with no downtime in between to use any potions. 

You can catch some Shadow-type Pokemon when you encounter Jessie and James. Jessie’s team includes Ekans, Scyther, and Bagon, while James’ team has Koffing, Sneasel, and Beldum. The CP for each was around 2500 for the first set and around an average of 6000-8000 for the others. 

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