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Where to Find Manuscripts in FF7 Remake

Where to Find Manuscripts in FF7 Remake

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is here, and it’s the moment a lot of fans have been waiting for. This guide explains where you can find Manuscripts in FF7 Remake. Manuscripts allow you to level and modify weapons and unlock Limit Breaks. They are one of the most sought after items in the game, and it can be complicated to find them.

Manuscripts typically give you 10 SP each that you can spend on weapon leveling. Some Manuscripts also give new Limit Breaks for your characters. There are reportedly 55+ Manuscripts in FF7 Remake, many of which will require you to venture into Hard Mode to find.

Where to Find Manuscripts in FF7 Remake

Specific side quests for each character will unlock new Limit Break moves for them. Each character has their first Limit Break move when you first play as them, but to get the second one you’ll have to do so some challenges.

Ascension Manuscript

With Cloud, you’ll need to complete the Cloud vs. Wild Animals challenge in Corneo Colosseum after Chapter 9 for the Legacy: Ascension Manuscript.

Catastrophe Manuscript

With Barret, you’ll need to complete Barret vs. Wild Animals challenge in COrneo Colosseum to get the Legacy: Catastrophe Manuscript.

Dolphin Flurry Manuscript

With Tifa, complete the Tifa vs. Wild Animals challenge in Corneo Colosseum to unlock Legacy: Dolphin Flurry Manuscript.

Planet’s Protection Manuscript

Finally, with Aerith, complete Aerith vs. Wild Animals challenge in Corneo Colosseum for the Legacy: Planet’s Protection Manuscript as soon as you can in Chapter 9.

How to Unlock Hard Mode in FF7 Remake

In order to unlock Hard Mode in FF7 Remake, you need to finish the game story in another difficulty. You will then be able to play Hard Mode on that game save.

After you’ve completed the game, go to the System Settings and switch the game to Hard Mode. From the Chapter Select screen, you can choose which part of the game you want to play in Hard Mode.

How to Get FF7 Remake Manuscripts in Hard Mode

Now that you’ve unlocked Hard Mode, you will need to complete some bosses and side quests on this difficulty to get the Manuscripts. To be honest, you can just run through the entire game again on Hard Mode and try to complete 100% of the game including all the side quests.

Defeat as many bosses as you can on this difficulty and you’ll gradually get more Manuscripts. Generally, each quest that ends with a big fight will grant you one.

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