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Where to find Armorite Ore in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Where to find Armorite Ore in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield players have a new item to collect called Armorite Ore in the new DLC, The Isle of Armor. In this guide, we will show you where to find Armorite Ore, and what it can be used for in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Where to find Armorite Ore in Pokemon Sword and Shield

You can find Armorite Ore in Pokemon Sword and Shield at shiny spots around the map. The Armoritie Ore can also be obtained through doing some story quests like catching Slowpokes. After catching the Slowpokes, you can speak with Honey, and turn it in for moves in the Dojo.

Each move costs one Armorite Ore, so if you want to learn multiple moves, you will need a bunch of Ore. You can browse through all the moves and see if your Pokemon can learn them. There is no requirement to purchase anything. Simply cancel out of the menu by hitting B if you want to close the screen. The following moves are available at the Dojo in exchange for 1 Armorite Ore:

  •  Burning Jealousy
  •  Coaching
  •  Corrosive Gas
  •  Dual Wingbeat
  •  Expanding Force
  •  Flip Turn
  •  Grassy Glide
  •  Lash Out
  •  Meteor Beam
  •  Misty Explosion
  •  Poltergeist
  •  Rising Voltage
  •  Scale Shot
  •  Scorching Sands
  •  Steel Roller
  •  Terrain Pulse
  •  Triple Axel

Armorite Ore can also be given to Digging Ma, who will dig up more Armorite Ore. There is a chance her shovel breaks, and then she will move to a new location, and you will lose the Ore you gave her. She shows up in different locations around the map. 

Digging Pa can also be found around the island at the Training lowlands, and he will give you Watts in exchange for the Armorite Ore. These two characters move after they either get you more Armorite Ore or their shovels break.

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