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Where is the book Leonard authored in Genshin Impact

Where is the book Leonard authored in Genshin Impact

The Unreconciled Stars Event is nearing the end, and many players are busy wrapping up the final story quests. One of the quests, entitled Where Ancient Stars Align, asks you to delve deeper into the mystery of the falling meteorites. You’ll have to look for Leonard’s book, but it’s not immediately obvious where to find it unless you pay attention to the dialog. So, where is the book Leonard authored in Genshin Impact?

You will receive this part of the quest inside the Library of Mondstadt. If you pay attention to the dialog, you will notice the clues saying the book is in the library’s northeast section.

Where is the book Leonard authored in Genshin Impact

You will get the task to “Look for the book Leonard authored” in the first few steps of this quest chain. While inside the library, you will get a clue to look for the book in the room’s northeast. Jump downstairs, and make your way to the northeast side of the room. You should see a sparkling book up against the wall, called Of Mountains and Sea

Walk over to the book and interact with it to collect Of Mountains and Sea, A Guide for Adventurers, written by Leonard. Unfortunately, most of the words have faded, and some pages are even missing. Our good friend Mona can help out with our problem, though. Take the book to Mona over near the Thousand Winds Temple. 

After studying the book for a while, Mona will reveal Leonard’s ambitions to reach the summit of a mountain called Pilos Peak. The mountain no longer exists, though, and is now known as Musk Reef. That’s the island far off the east coast containing the Spiral Abyss. To get over there, head to the Cape Oath waypoint and walk to the northeast peninsula. You will see some wind tunnels that you can glide on to reach the portal to take you there.

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