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When is the Blood Moon Festival in Cult of the Lamb 2023?

The blood moon shall rise again!
Cult of the Lamb Blood Moon Festival
Screenshot via Massive Monster

Cult of the Lamb has become a well-recognized title among gamers for its unique blend of dark humor, dungeon crawling, base management, and exciting special events. One of the most anticipated events in the game is the “Blood Moon Festival,” where players can expect to see a significant surge of exciting new content, such as new rituals, new follower forms, new base decorations, and more!

The Blood Moon Festival was first introduced by Cult of the Lamb’s developers, Massive Monster, back in 2022 around Halloween. As the day of the dead creeps slowly upon us in 2023, it’s easy for fans to question just when they’ll be able to jump back into the Festival. Read on to find out when the 2023 Blood Moon Festival is scheduled to begin in Cult of the Lamb so you can mark your calendars and prepare for an unforgettable in-game experience!

When Will the Blood Moon Festival 2023 Event Begin in Cult of the Lamb?

The Blood Moon Festival in Cult of the Lamb is easily one of the most highly-anticipated events for players, as it promises to provide both seasoned players and newcomers alike with fresh and exciting (and spooky) experiences. Just like last year’s event, the Blood Moon Festival in 2023 will begin on October 24th.

Blood Moon Festival 2023 Cult of the Lamb
Screenshot via Massive Monster

According to the official Cult of the Lamb Twitter page, this year’s event will be exactly like last year’s event. Players will be able to perform the Blood Moon Ritual, collect spooky base decorations and follower forms, and chase after the unfortunate dead souls of their followers.

If you were hoping for some fresh follower forms for this year’s event, however, then you’re more than likely going to be disappointed. According to Cult of the Lamb’s developers, there will be no new follower forms in this year’s Blood Moon Festival; instead, they’re “focusing [their] energy on the next update”.

So you won’t be able to look forward to any new forms for your followers this year, but you will be able to look forward to the next big update they’re working on!

When Will the Blood Moon Festival 2023 Event End?

Just as last year’s Blood Moon Festival in Cult of the Lamb ended on November 10th, 2022, this year’s event will end on November 10th as well. So be sure to mark your calendars and make sure you log in as often as possible while the Festival is in full swing; you don’t want to miss a second of this year’s Blood Moon!

Official Cult of the Lamb Artwork
Image via Massive Monster

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All Content in the Blood Moon Festival in Cult of the Lamb

The Blood Moon Festival is eagerly awaited by fans every year in Cult of the Lamb, and for good reason! This special spooky event promises tons of new content for players, including new cosmetics and even new rituals!

This year’s event will be exactly like last year’s, meaning players can expect to see another Blood Moon Ritual added to player’s Temples, a handful of new spooky follower forms, tons of creepy new base decorations, and even a ghost-hunting minigame that can only be played at night!

Just like with last year’s event, the Blood Moon Ritual will require a plethora of Pumpkins, so get your gardens ready for this year’s frighteningly fun Festival!

With the Blood Moon Festival back in action, now’s the perfect time for cult-leading veterans to get back into Cult of the Lamb! To get yourself back into the spooky spirit, check out Gamer Journalist’s exciting Cult of the Lamb content, like “How to Return Ratoo’s Heart in Cult of the Lamb” and “How to Get Cthulhu as a Follower in Cult of the Lamb.”

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