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30 Best Cult Names to use in Cult of the Lamb

A badass name can, a lot of times, get you far.

An eerie, intimidating, and sometimes just outright badass name can a lot of times get you so far in games, even if we are talking about cult names in Cult of the Lamb. If you haven’t found that perfect hair-raising name that will give people the chills and encourage them to either join or not mess with you, we’re here to help. Below are some of the best creative cult names to use in Cult of the Lamb.

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Most creative Cult of the Lamb Cult Names

In this list, let’s not just discuss names, but let’s arrange them in specific themes. These themes are to help you pick out names easier if you’re looking for a more specific type of cult name.

Eldritch inspired names

Cthulhu in Cult of the Lamb
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From the term Eldritch, these names will take inspiration from the fear of the unknown. These names will give its readers a sense of mystery on what exactly this cult is or what it worships. The unknown element is sure to give chills plus they are just badass names.

  • The Arcane Void
  • Cult of the Void
  • The Followers
  • The Bearers
  • Cult of Death
  • Eyes of Him
  • His Visionaries
  • Tears of God
  • Order of Chaos
  • The Harbingers

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Cult appropriate names

Cult of the Lamb Mushroom Ritual
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If you’re looking for a more religiously sounding cult name, then these cult-appropriate names might just be the ones you’re looking for. Unlike the Eldritch-inspired names, these names make sure that your cult sounds like they serve one ultimate god in a way that may sound churchy and some of them do in fact sound cultish.

  • The Hand of God
  • Ministers of God
  • The Blood Church
  • Children of God
  • Fire of our Lord
  • God’s Right Hand
  • The Few Who Heed
  • Voice of God
  • Sinner’s Nimrod
  • Lord’s Bounty

Funny in-game names

Buying Followers from Helob in Cult of the Lamb
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And if you’re already an old player looking to play the game again with a more trolling sound name or if you’re a new player who just wants to mess around with names, these names are the type to give you a good laugh. From play on words, to in-game-specific references, these names will for sure cause some joy.

  • Cult of the Lamb
  • Lamb Simulator
  • The Waiters
  • Cult of Baa
  • Mother Flockers
  • Bullsheep
  • Cult Simulator
  • Flock Followers
  • Cursed Lambs
  • Suicide Sheep

Cult of the Lamb may be a short yet enjoyable game, but one good way to really look back on this game is to remember the name you left behind for it. It may be funny or it may be badass, what’s important is that we had fun with it not just from a gameplay point of view, but also the names we can rock with it.