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Everything Included in the Relics of the Old Faith Update in Cult of the Lamb

There's just. so. MUCH.
Cult of the Lamb Relics of the Old Faith Update
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In the ever-expanding universe of Cult of the Lamb, a game that has captured the hearts of players with its darkly whimsical charm, the Relics of the Old Faith update stands as a monumental milestone. This substantial update has breathed new life into the game, offering an abundance of content that greatly enriches the post-game experience.

From new gameplay elements to additional post-game challenges, Relics of the Old Faith has brought forth a treasure trove of exciting features for devoted cult leaders to explore. In this article, we will delve into the wealth of content included in this massive update and how it has reinvigorated the world of Cult of the Lamb!

Everything Added in the Relics of the Old Faith Update in Cult of the Lamb

Relics of the Old Faith is a truly colossal update that’s helped breathe new life into Cult of the Lamb, introducing a wealth of content designed to excite both newcomers and dedicated cult leaders alike.

With the inclusion of new weapon mechanics, new NPCs, extended endgame content, and more, the Relics of the Old Faith update is a testament to the game’s commitment to continuous improvement and enchanting storytelling.

Here is everything included in the Relics of the Old Faith update in Cult of the Lamb:


The Relics are definitely the stars of the Relics of the Old Faith update. Relics are special artifacts that can be found along crusades and can either perform special attacks or special actions once they’re charged, similar to Curses.

Charging them requires players to continuously attack and deal damage to enemies, with each Relic having longer or shorter charging times, just like with Curses. While many Relics can be recharged and used over and over again, others are marked with the “Fragile” title and are only able to be used once before they break.

New Characters

There are only a couple of new characters that were added to the game in the Relics of the Old Faith update, but their presence seriously affects the entire game as a whole. The first new NPC that was added is Chemach, a curious character who remains the sole keeper and provider of the Relics of the Old Faith. Chemach can be found along crusades and in dungeon rooms, where they’ll gift players with random Relics.

The second new NPC in Cult of the Lamb is ???, also known as the Mystic Seller, who is a nameless otherworldly creature that only appears after the final boss has been defeated. This new character guides players along the new post-game storyline and grants them many useful items that allow them to mandate previously missed doctrines, exclusive follower necklaces, and even new follower forms!

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Post-Game Storyline

As previously mentioned, there is a new post-game storyline in Cult of the Lamb. After defeating the final boss, players will be greeted by ???, who presents them with the many new tasks and responsibilities that come with being the new god of death.

Additionally, once the game is beaten, a new area called Purgatory will become available to players. This new area can be entered once daily and offers amazing rewards, including those exclusive to the Relics of the Old Faith update!

Revamped Bosses and Enemies

In the new post-game storyline, players will be faced with some familiar bosses that have some unfamiliar attack patterns and power reserves. Every boss in the post-game has been revamped with newer, tougher, and less predictable attack patterns, making every moment in Cult of the Lamb’s post-game storyline an exciting one!

Additionally, players will come across a few new enemies while crusading through the lands of the Old Faith. These new enemies come pre-equipped with shields that must be broken before they can be hit, making dungeons all the more dangerous for unprepared Lambs.

Purgatory in Cult of the Lamb
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Heavy Attacks

The addition of heavy attacks in Cult of the Lamb has been long overdue, and it’s likely the most popular feature in the Relics of the Old Faith update (besides the Relics, of course). Each of the 5 weapons in Cult of the Lamb (Gaunlets, Daggers, Axes, Swords, Hammers) now has a heavy attack that deals tons of extra damage to enemies in battle.

New Fleeces

What’s the point of being an all-powerful, cult-leading god of death if you can’t look good doing it?? The Relics of the Old Faith update in Cult of the Lamb adds a whopping total of 5 new, unlockable fleeces to your Lamb’s wardrobe. You can now unlock these 5 fleeces in Cult of the Lamb:

  • Fleece of a Cursed Crusade – Only curses may be used. Receive four curse-related tarot cards.
  • Fleece of the Berserker – One hit. No resurrections. Deal 10x weapon damage.
  • Fleece of Fervor’s Favor – No hearts will spawn but heal using fervor to regenerate health.
  • Fleece of the Hobbled Heels – Heal a heart after completing each room. Increased movement speed and starting health. You cannot roll.
  • God of Death Fleece – When resurrecting, gain two diseased hearts.
    • This one can’t be unlocked with Holy Talismans, it can only be received as a special reward from ???.

New Cult Buildings

There are 5 new buildings that players can build for their cults in Cult of the Lamb. Now, your followers can cook food for themselves in the new Kitchen, have sleepovers with each other in Shared Shelters, and generate fertilizer from corpses using the Natural Burial composter!

Additionally, dealing with dead followers just got a whole lot easier with the Crypt and Morgue buildings. These buildings allow followers to deal with dead bodies themselves and bury multiple bodies in the same area! Coming back from a long crusade to a cult full of corpses and sick and dissenting followers is finally a thing of the past.

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Special Followers

This update adds more than a few new potential followers to the game, all of which will likely look pretty familiar to you if you’ve beaten the game. I won’t spoil anything, but these new followers are worth every arduous second spent recruiting them!

Clauneck's Shoe Relics in Cult of the Lamb
Screenshot via Massive Monster

Photo Mode

Cult of the Lamb now has its own photo mode! This new feature allows you to take more advanced photos than just normal screenshots; it even lets you fully customize your photos, zoom in, tilt the image, add stickers, and adjust the focus of all of your precious, captured moments.

Achievements and Misc.

The Relics of the Old Faith update in Cult of the Lamb introduced many new features to the game, but it also introduced tons of new achievements, quests, sermon upgrades, tarot cards, and more! To be honest, it would be nearly impossible to list every single thing that was changed or introduced to the game in this update; this list covers pretty much all of it, but you’ll have to play it yourself to discover the details!

I wasn’t exaggerating in the slightest when I said this update totally reinvigorates Cult of the Lamb. If you needed an excuse to get back into the world of the Old Faith, then this is it!

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