How to Unlock New Follower Forms in Cult of the Lamb

Gotta collet em' all!
Follower Forms in Cult of the Lamb
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Everyone loves customizing their followers in Cult of the Lamb! Collecting followers is essential for the progression of any Cult of the Lamb playthrough; you might as well have some fun while you’re collecting them for your cause. Customizing the appearance of your followers to your whims may seem a little morally ambiguous, but in a game like Cult of the Lamb, it’s really the least problematic activity you could be partaking in. Plus, it’s fun! Follower forms are the most fun to play around with, they allow you to change your follower into an entirely different animal! Unfortunately, however, these forms aren’t just given to you; they need to be unlocked. This guide will help you unlock as many follower forms in Cult of the Lamb as possible!

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How to Unlock New Follower Forms in Cult of the Lamb

Unlocking and using follower forms in Cult of the Lamb is surprisingly one of the most fun parts of the game; if you can’t customize your own character, you might as well customize as many other characters as you can! Follower forms are everywhere in Cult of the Lamb, you just have to know where to look; some are easy to find, but others are a bit more difficult. For the most part, however, the process of obtaining new forms isn’t too complex. Here are a few ways to get as many different follower forms as possible:


Many followers can be gained by exploring certain parts of the forest, such as the Silk Cradle, Anura, Darkwood, and Anchordeep. Every new follower gained has the potential to unlock a new follower form; every follower in the wild has its own form, and if a follower has a form that you haven’t unlocked yet, you can gain that new form simply by converting them to your cult (you need to get at least 20 followers to beat the game, so it’s a good idea to collect them whenever possible anyway)!

This method isn’t the most efficient, but it has the added benefits of being free and providing more followers for your cult. You can get multiple new followers per crusade, so if you’re dedicated to getting all the follower forms for each specific region (Silk Cradle, Anura, Darkwood, Anchordeep) then this may be the method for you!

Buy Forms

If you’re pressed for time or just don’t feel like going on a bunch of crusades, you can always just buy the follower forms that you want! If you want new follower forms in Cult of the Lamb but don’t want any extra followers, this is likely going to be one of the best methods for you. You can use your gold to buy more followers from Helob (another way to get more forms), food, tarot cards, and even follower forms!

Racking up extra cash in this game is easy after you’ve been playing for a while, and what else can you do with all that gold but spend it? Many in-game shops offer follower forms, such as the shop in the top left-hand corner of Pilgrim’s Passage, and the shop located in the top right-hand corner of the Spore Grotto. You can only buy follower forms for the locations that you’ve already unlocked, however, and you can only buy one form per day.

Pilgrim's Passage Cult of the Lamb
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Completing Quests

Although they aren’t as common as gold or other rewards, follower forms can be gained as rewards for completing quests! Visiting unlocked locations, helping in-game NPCs, and (surprisingly) playing knucklebones with Ratau all have the chance to reward you with free follower forms! This method may not be the most fool-proof method, however, because it all really boils down to luck and how many quests you receive.

Follower forms can also be gained through completing challenges given to you by Ratoo (the rat NPC that can be found during crusades) and crusade chests, so be sure to clear every room before moving on to the next area during a crusade.


This method may not be the most conventional, but it is a good way to get free and/or multiple follower forms. Massive Monster (Cult of the Lamb’s developers) recently released the Cultist Pack for only $4.99 on Steam! This DLC, once purchased, will reward players with 5 exclusive follower forms and even a 7 piece decoration set! Currently, this DLC is only available on Steam, but it will become available to all consoles in the near future.

Cult of the Lamb’s developers seem intent on creating more DLCs for this game in the future, so there could be many more exclusive follower forms waiting to be added! For now, however, you can get 5 exclusive follower forms instantly with this DLC in Cult of the Lamb! As long as you don’t mind spending a little time and money for some massive rewards, DLCs are a great way to get follower forms in Cult of the Lamb.

New Follower Form in Cult of the Lamb
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Follower forms in Cult of the Lamb aren’t too difficult to collect once you know where to look. Having dozens of followers with the exact same forms can get repetitive and confusing; you definitely want to be able to tell your cultists apart. Diversity is key in any self-respecting demonic cult!

Cult of the Lamb is one of the most fun and unique games to come out in recent years, but it can get confusing at times; if you ever find yourself stuck in Cult of the Lamb, be sure to come back and check out Gamer Journalist’s dozens of helpful guides for this game!

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