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Genshin Impact: Dendro Element and Upcoming Content

What is the seventh element coming to Genshin Impact?

With six elements currently in Genshin Impact, travelers are eager to see what’s coming next to the world of Teyvat. Right now, we have Anemo, Cryo, Hydro, Electro, Geo, and Pyro elements, with at least three playable characters for each vision. So, what is the seventh element coming to Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact: Dendro Element

Dendro looks to be the seventh element coming to Genshin Impact, according to the in-game information we have available to us. The word Dendro comes from the Greek root origin Dendr-, meaning “tree,” so it makes sense that this is a nature-type element. The developers have not confirmed when Dendro will be added, but there are lots of clues that hint at it being the next element.

If you’ve been playing through Genshin Impact, you’ve probably already encountered some Dendro units. Dendro Slimes are the seemingly adorable blobs with flowers on their heads who will attack you the moment you turn your back. Usually, you’ll have to play peekaboo with them and catch them off guard to initiate a fight. You can bait them into attacking you by turning around, though.

Some other Dendro-type mobs like Samachurls and Hilichurls also exist. The Hilichurls’ shields are Dendro, meaning you can catch them on fire. Samachurls are the mage-like, staff-wielding Hilichurls that can spawn in Hydro, Anemo, Dendro, or Geo form. Rumor has it that we’ll see entire regions for each element, suggesting a potential new zone for a Dendro boss. At the moment, the game lists Dendro in the Elemental Resonance chart found on the party screen. All these details make us feel pretty confident about the next element being Dendro.

Furthermore, data miners found some exciting information about upcoming potential new Dendro weapons and a Dendro boss. You can watch a video from content creator Demone Kim going over the potential new content below:

Possible Upcoming Dendro Characters

The following Dendro characters may be coming to Genshin Impact in the future:

  • Baizhu: Playable character in the third closed beta test.
  • Yaoyao: A catalyst-wielding chef from the Liyue region.

A Reddit user by the name of ZerRyuKen put together this handy infographic of Genshin Impact characters broken out by weapon types and elements:

Image via Reddit

At first glance, it’s safe to say there’s a lack of Polearm users. So far, all we have is Xiangling and Xiao, with the latter coming in a future update. Imagining Yaoyao is for sure coming to the game, we think a polearm and bow class would be perfect Dendro additions to the game.

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