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All Among Us Characters – Colors and Personalities

These are all of the colors and personalities of every Among Us character!

Among Us is a space-themed multiplayer strategy game that tasks players with working alongside their respective crewmates to fix a crumbling spaceship. Not only must you work together with the rest of the crew to fix the ship, but you also have to figure out who the imposters are and complete any challenges that arise onboard.

The colorful characters that we’ve all come to know and love in Among Us are the controllable creatures you will use to interact with your environment. So, here are all of the Among Us characters as well as their respective colors, and personalities.

All Among Us Characters – Colors and Personalities

The characters in Among Us are able to interact with other crewmates, and are arguably the most iconic part of the game. Currently, there are a total of 12 different characters you can choose to play with, each with its own unique color and personality.

Here is the color and personality of each Among Us character.


Black is a character widely used in a lot of the Among Us marketing, which has led it to be a popular color for people to use in the game. That being said, Black is often perceived as dark and ominous. This is why the Black Among Us character is generally thought of as the mischief-maker of the group.


Blue may not be as popular as black or other colors in Among Us. But it is still a very commonly used character and is probably the most basic or ordinary of the bunch. They may play a smaller role in the group, but they’re extremely likeable and friendly in demeanor.


Brown is easily one of (if not) the least popular characters in Among Us, appearing in very little promotional content. It also has a wide range of personality traits. Ranging anywhere from friendly and logical, to toxic and uncompromising.


On the complete opposite end of the spectrum is Cyan. This is one of the most popular characters in Among Us, both in terms of usage and promotional content. Often pegged as the childish one of the group (in large part due to its miniature stature). Cyan is thought to be the younger brother (or sister) of Orange and Green.


Similar to another Among Us character on this list, Green is shown as the Imposter in a lot of promotional content. Even though they’re seen as a crewmate in the How to Play section of the game, very few people actually use Green as a character. Nevertheless, Green is often seen as stable and generous, albeit mysterious.


Alternatively, Lime is one of the more vibrant and eccentric characters in Among Us. In fact, they can be seen storming out in rage as soon as the Imposter becomes known. That being said, Lime is not an overly popular color either because it was introduced later in the game.


Often depicted as the victim of the group, Orange is a bit of a hit-or-miss character. Even though Orange can be seen in plenty of promotional content, and is widely regarded as fun, energetic and enthusiastic. It’s surprisingly not that popular compared to other characters in Among Us.


Next up we’ve got Pink, which is arguably the most harmless-looking character in Among Us. Since almost nobody associates the color with murder, right? Although, that’s also what makes Pink the sneakiest character in the entire game. So, don’t let their innocent appearance fool you…


Appearing as everything from a dead body to a casual worker, and a suspicious Imposter. Purple is one of the hardest to predict in terms of personality traits. It’s still a very popular character because it’s generally one of the least suspected crew members. But much like Pink, don’t let them slide under your nose as a result.


The Red Among Us character is easily the most popular in the game and is heavily featured in the majority of the Among Us posters. It’s often regarded as “sus”, which is mostly due to the fact that Innersloth pegs the Red character as the Imposter in most of its marketing content.


White is featured in a lot of promotional content as well and is a color often associated with innocence. So, as you might expect, it’s the go-to character for a lot of players in Among Us. Though White can also be viewed as the shiftiest of the bunch due to its perceived virtuousness.


Lastly, we’ve got Yellow, who’s another one that’s hard to predict because they’ve been shown in a lot of promotional content in various circumstances. That being said, most people associate Yellow with the Admin map, and the Christmas promo, so, Yellow is still widely regarded as a cheerful and trustworthy character in Among Us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Among Us characters called?

The characters in Among Us don’t actually carry any distinct name. This is part of the fun since you get to come up with names of your own. Changing the name of your character can be done before the start of every round. All you need to do is click on the “Online” menu, then go to “Enter Name”, and switch the existing title out for something that better represents your personality or playstyle.

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