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How to Play No Visor Mod in Among Us

How to Play No Visor Mod in Among Us

One of the cool things about just about any given online game community is that when you give them the tools and capacity to alter the game on their own, they can come up with some pretty cool ideas. Do you have any idea how many different ways people came up with to play Team Fortress 2? ‘Cause it’s a lot. Among Us is a relatively young community (if not an already massive one), but a few crafty sorts have already come up with some interesting new ways to warp the traditional rules. Here’s how to play the No Visor mod in Among Us.

“No Visor” is sort of a creepypasta character the Among Us community has cooked up; basically, it’s an Imposter that has dropped all pretenses of attempting to pass as a Crewmate, and instead has become a terrifying and bloodthirsty spectral entity. Obviously, such a character doesn’t exist in the regular game, but thanks to the magic of modding, you can play as No Visor and torment the Crew with its frightening abilities. Though, actually getting to play the game like this may take some sleuthing on your part.

How to Play No Visor Mod in Among Us 

There are a few different iterations of the No Visor mod floating around the internet, but for reasons beyond my understanding, none of them are available for download, at least not in any public spaces. I’m just spitballing here, but since modding is a relatively new thing for Among Us, modders might be waiting to see if InnerSloth puts out an official policy on the practice before they start circulating the tapes, as it were. 

Because of this, the only way to actually play a game as No Visor is to get lucky enough to find a server that has it installed already. If you search around social platforms like Reddit and Discord, you may be able to find a lead on a server, provided it isn’t already full to bursting with other interested folks.

As for how the mod actually works, a No Visor Imposter has the ability to shift into a ghostly form with a special button at the bottom of the screen. In spooky form, you get four new commands: 

  1. Jumpscare: Select any Crewmate on the map and subject them to a loud, disorienting jumpscare.
  2. Rush: Phase through the walls to quickly reach any point on the map.
  3. Vanish: Become invisible and completely undetectable.
  4. Duplicate: Create a harmless copy of yourself that will wander aimlessly and throw others off your trail.

All of these abilities will make things much harder for the Crewmates, but it is definitely a new and interesting way to play the game, not to mention a funny one if you’re lucky enough to be No Visor.

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