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The 10 Best Fallout: New Vegas Sex Mods

Spice up the strip with these salacious NSFW mods!
The Fallout New Vegas Mod Adult Club New Vegas
The Fallout New Vegas Mod Adult Club New Vegas
Image via Obsidian Entertainment/EnticeMods

Fallout: New Vegas is a beloved entry in the iconic Fallout series, known for its rich storytelling, post-apocalyptic setting, and unique characters. However, even a great game like New Vegas can be improved with the help of mods. Modding has been, and will likely always be, an essential part of the Fallout experience, allowing players to customize their adventures and breathe new life into the Mojave Wasteland.

Wandering the wastelands of New Vegas can easily get a bit lonely. Fortunately, Fallout: New Vegas, like most other Bethesda games, has a wealth of mods developed by dedicated fans and players to keep the game interesting, even a decade after its initial release. Here are the best sex mods for Fallout: New Vegas, for those of you who are looking to add a bit of spice to your playthrough!

Please be advised that the content discussed in this article is intended for mature audiences only and is not endorsed or supported by the official developers.

Fallout: New Vegas Sex Mods – Our Top 10 Picks

Surprisingly, there aren’t actually as many sex mods for this game as I thought there’d be. Believe it or not, most of the mods created for Fallout: New Vegas are centered on actual gameplay improvements, bug fixes, and entertainment, instead of boobs, boobs, and more boobs.

However, there is still a significant number of Fallout: New Vegas sex mods for players to choose from, though not all of them are as high quality as their creators would have you believe. Thankfully, we’ve taken the liberty of compiling a list of all the best Fallout: New Vegas sex mods, and ruining our innocence in the process, so you don’t have to!

Though there haven’t been many new mods developed by the Fallout: New Vegas community recently, the ones that have been developed have had plenty of time to work many of the bugs out. Most of these mods can be found on LoversLab, which contains sex mods for a whole host of games.

Notice: Most of the Fallout: New Vegas sex mods from LoversLab that are listed will require the Sexout mod to be installed to function.

Here are 10 of the best Fallout: New Vegas sex mods that the dirtiest, darkest corners of the internet have to offer:

Intimacy Overhaul Mod

Fallout New Vegas Intimacy Overhaul Mod
Image via Obsidian Entertainment/MysteryMachineX

If you don’t download any of the other mods on this list, then you should at least download this one. The Intimacy Overhaul mod completely changes how sex works in Fallout: New Vegas. And if you’re here, then chances are that’s exactly what you’re looking for!

You know how normally, when an intimate scene begins, the screen fades to black and you’re left wondering what all the juicy details of the encounter were?? Well, now you don’t have to! With this mod, every time you become intimate with a character, you’ll be given all the nasty, explicit details on what exactly went down. Additionally, your character will be granted a status effect depending on the type of sexual encounter you had, giving you even more incentive to get nasty on the regular!

Adult Club: New Vegas Mod

Adult Club New Vegas Mod Fallout New Vegas
Image via Obsidian Entertainment/EnticeMods

This mod is about as straightforward as they come; you pretty much know exactly what you’re getting yourself into with a name like “Adult Club: New Vegas“.

The Adult Club: New Vegas mod is by EnticeMods on LoversLab and it “aims to add life” to Gomorrah by adding more scantily-clad NPCs, interactive dancers, stage shows, private dances, adult animations, exciting lighting effects, and even a tipping system! This mod essentially allows players to enjoy all of the guilty pleasures of a strip club, without any of the consequences they come with in real life!

Confirmed Bachelor’s Poster Resource Mod

Fallout New Vegas Confirmed Bachelor's Poster Resource Mod
Image via Obsidian Entertainment/PaladinDanser

This mod is for everyone who’s tired of wading through all of Fallout: New Vegas’s useless boob mods just to get to the hunky man mods. If you’ve ever wished that you could gaze into the eyes of a near-naked man every time you turn a corner, then this mod by PaladinDanser on NexusMods is the perfect addition to your Fallout: New Vegas playthrough!

The Confirmed Bachelor’s Poster Resource mod (CBPR for short) does pretty much exactly what you think it does; it adds a truckload of hunky man melons to the game for your viewing pleasure! Specifically, it replaces in-game posters with vintage gay book covers, so your eyes will never again go through the pain of not constantly staring at nude men.

Restraints – A Death Alternative Mod

Restraints - A Death Alternative Mod Fallout New Vegas
Image via Obsidian Entertainment/wasdaf

This mod by wasdaf on LoversLab is easily one of the most interesting and unique Fallout: New Vegas sex mods out there. Instead of dying, the player will find themselves moved to a random location in the world, stripped of their clothes, and tied up in bondage gear. Once they awaken, the player has the option to engage in a bondage minigame to escape from their restraints.

Additionally, they’re able to enable a repeatable theft quest; during this quest, if the player is knocked out by another person, they will rob the player of their possessions, which will trigger an additional quest the track them down. This mod is so much more than just your average Fallout: New Vegas sex mod, anyone who’s looking for a more unique playthrough should give this mod a try!

Porn Gun New Vegas Mod

Porn Gun New Vegas Mod Fallout New Vegas
Image via Obsidian Entertainment/zfleaman

This mod is really more silly than anything, but that doesn’t mean that it’s any less worth downloading than any of the other mods on this list. As its title suggests, the Porn Gun New Vegas mod by zfleaman on LoversLab adds a very unique weapon to the game.

This mod adds a new gun to Fallout: New Vegas called the Porn Gun. This aptly named weapon doesn’t shoot bullets, however; it shoots porn. No matter what you shoot with this ridiculous gun, you will never get bulletholes, you’ll just get a screen full of porn. Honestly, this mod is probably the best addition you can add to your game, whether you’re looking for a spicier New Vegas experience or just something different.

People of Paradiso Mod

Fallout New Vegas People of Paradiso Mod
Image via Obsidian Entertainment/MysteryMachineX

The People of Paradiso mod is by MysteryMachineX on NexusMods and is genuinely one of the most detailed Fallout: New Vegas sex mods I’ve ever seen. This mod adds an entirely new faction to the game, aptly called Paradiso. Paradiso is a modestly-sized nudist commune sheltering in a hidden bunker, trying to avoid the warring powers and enjoy their naked lives to the fullest.

This mod includes 20 unique characters, 700+ lines of dialogue, a new and incredibly detailed quest, and several rewards, not the least of which is getting to get it on with 20 brand-new naked NPCs. Additionally, as if this mod wasn’t already cool enough, it’s also incredibly LGBTQ+ friendly! Honestly, who wouldn’t want to be part of an anti-government nudist colony these days?

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Loversbed Mod

Loversbed Mod Fallout New Vegas
Image via Obsidian Entertainment/asdasfa

This one is for all of the vile voyeurs out there! This mod by asdasfa on LoversLab allows players to catch NPCs in the act, but only if they’re sneaky enough.

When hidden, players can sneak into the homes of unassuming NPCs and catch them in the act of getting it on. If you sneak into the home of someone living alone, however, then there’s a chance of catching them giving a solo performance instead!

Hentai of New Vegas Mod

Hentai of New Vegas Mod Fallout New Vegas
Image via Obsidian Entertainment/Bedrock

This mod is just as nasty as you think it is! With a name like “Hentai of New Vegas”, you’d assume that this mod would be full of some unique anime action, and you’d be absolutely correct in that assumption.

This mod by Bedrock on LoversLab allows players to change all of the in-game billboards, posters, menus, loading screens, skill magazines, pipboy, and terminal backgrounds to, you guessed it, dirty nasty Hentai images. If you’re looking to add some nasty anime scenes to your New Vegas playthrough, then congratulations, you just found the perfect mod to download in secret!

Coito Ergo Sum Mod

Coito Ergo Sum Mod Fallout New Vegas
Image via Obsidian Entertainment/Belthan

This mod is one of the most popular Fallout: New Vegas sex mods on the market, and it’s easy to understand why; after all, nothing’s sexier than capitalism! This Fallout: New Vegas sex mod allows players to run and operate their own brothel in New Vegas.

The Coito Ergo Sum mod by Belthan on NexusMods is primarily a quest mod that lets players help a strange woman deal with her troubled past, while also publishing salacious adult magazines and operating a brothel at the same time. This mod contains an insane amount of side quests, tons of new items, dozens of new voice-acted characters, expansive new locations, new outfits, and more!


Soliciting Mod Fallout New Vegas
Image via Obsidian Entertainment/Odessa

We’re ending this list off with a bang (literally)! This straightforward mod by Odessa on LoversLab allows players and their followers to work the casino floor in a completely different way. While there are other mods on this list who do the same thing, this one offers a lot more depth in how people interact with your character while they’re working.

Everyone has different preferences and this mod treats each encounter as part of an ongoing plot. It does add some fun “adult” animations and situations, but these honestly feel secondary to the plot that unfolds around them. Who says you can’t have porn with a plot??

Sex mods may not be every gamer’s cup of tea, but if you’re here, then chances are they’re yours. If you love spicing up your games with sex mods, then you’ve come to the right website!

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