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TFT Ranked Mode Tiers Explained

One of the major updates in the 9.14 patch for Team Fight Tactics is the addition of Ranked Mode. TFT Ranked mode will consist of nine tiers.

Iron < Bronze < Silver < Gold < Platinum < Diamond < Master < Grandmaster < Challenger

TFT Ranked Tiers
TFT Ranked Tiers

Each of these tiers will have 4 divisions separating them. Master, Grandmaster and Challenger tiers do not have divisions.

TFT Division Progression
TFT Division Progression
TFT Ranked Border

In ranked mode you will be playing against players with similar skill levels and either lose LP (League Points) or gain LP depending on how well you did that game. The top four players in each game will gain LP and the bottom four will lose LP.

When you hit 100 LP you will move up into the next division. If you are at the top of your tier (division 4), you will get promoted into the next tier.

If you lose too many games and drop below 0 LP you will get demoted down one division.


When you first start playing you will need to complete 5 placement matches. Once you play your 5 games you will be put into your ranked tier and can start working for promotions from there.

Ranked Party Queue

You can of course play Ranked Mode with your friends but there are a some restrictions. Riot games created a useful chart to help understand how these restrictions work.

TFT Ranked Party Restrictions
TFT Ranked Party Restrictions

If you are Silver or lower you can play with anyone up to a Gold rank.

If you are Gold you can play with anyone up to Platinum.

If you are Platinum you can play with Gold, Platinum or Diamond players.

if you are Diamond you can play with anyone Platinum or above.

if you are Master, Grandmaster or Challenger you can play with Diamond or above players

If you and your friends are all Gold or below you can queue with 5 people.

If any of your friends are Platinum or above you can only queue with 3 people.


Riot games is currently planning on starting new seasons every few months, potentially having just 3 or 4 seasons every year. Inbetween seasons the game will be heavily patched, changing up the meta and forcing players to adapt to new play styles. You can expect to be demoted multiple divisions between seasons since the game will be changed so drastically on the start of a new season.

Now that you know how TFT ranked mode works in the 9.14 patch check out some builds to help you rank up!

Demon Dragons Build

Shapeshifter Demon

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