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Teamfight Tactics Top Builds Counters

There a few builds in Teamfight Tactics that are consistently placing in the top four. Because of this, you will need to learn some counters to progress to the higher ranks. This guide aims to provide you with a few counters to some of the top builds out there at the moment.

Teamfight Tactics Top Builds Counters

Sivir & Friends

Crowd control can easily handle this comp. The two comps that do well against Sivir and Friends are Ocean Mage w/ 4 Warden, and Warden Inferno Summoner build.

Ocean Mage
Warden Inferno Summoner


A good ranged damage with a solid front line for protection handles the Berserker composition very well. One of the best comps you can use versus Berserker is Sivir & Friends, Rangers (Crit-Twitch), and Shadow

Sivir & Friends

Ocean and Mage

Mystics and Poisons both handle the Ocean and Mage composition very well. Sivir and Friends with 4 Mystics does well into Ocean and Mage, with Soraka’s silence shutting them down almost completely. Poison is also good, so Alchamystic is a solid choice to counter Ocean and Mage.

Sivir and Mystics
Alchamystic Poisons

The following builds can be countered mainly by specific items.

6 Light – you are looking to get anti-heal, so go for Red Buff or Morello against this build.

Warden & Inferno – build QSS against this because they have a lot of crowd control, so getting a QSS on your carry is crucial.

Crit-Twitch – if they are using Infinity Edges, you can get a Bramble Vest for your front line to counter it.

Berserker – again, you want the anti-heal so go for Morello and Red Buff.

Ocean & Mage – you are looking to get a dragon claw and hush against Ocean & Mage build.

Shadow – every good shadow player will run a seraphs on their Kindred. With a Trap Claw on your front line opposite of the Kindred, this renders her useless.

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