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Teamfight Tactics Mobile Release Date

Riot Games

Riot Games has announced its plans to release Teamfight Tactics mobile coming this March 2020. With the rise of mobile gaming popularity within the last year, Teamfight Tactics is in a good position to make its way over to mobile platforms everywhere.

A new League of Legends YouTube video came out today announcing their plans for the future of the game, including their release plan for TFT mobile.

Teamfight Tactics Mobile Release Date

Riot Games developers announced they are working to port the game over to mobile and make it feel like it does on PC. Their intentions are to make the game available to play anywhere.

Teamfight Tactics Mobile will be cross-platform, so PC players will be matched up against mobile players and vice versa. The mobile version was previously announced in the last year, but we now have an official launch date for the middle of March.

For those not familiar, Teamfight Tactics is an auto-battler game built inside of League of Legends. Players create a lineup of heroes to fight against other players’ lineups. Your team can have up to seven characters with a wide variety of powerful items.

Check out the video above for a more in-depth explanation of upcoming changes that are scheduled for Teamfight Tactics. The mobile game will be coming in mid-March 2020 for Android and iOS devices.

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