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TFT Noble Draven Build (Patch 9.16b)

The TFT Noble Draven build is an incredibly strong team comp that utilizes Draven as a hard carry. You can transition into this build from 4 knights to keep yourself alive in the early-mid game. Lucian and Gangplank can be your early game carries.

tft noble draven build

Early Game

Garen, Fiora, Darius – Knights or Nobles are a solid way to start the match. Lucian can act as an early game carry.

Mid Game

Garen, Darius, Lucian, Gangplank, Fiora – Mid game will be about finding a good unit to place your items on, and have a decent synergy to keep your health points from dwindling away.

Mid to Late Game

The difficult thing about this comp is waiting to find a Kayle. The composition doesn’t truly reach its full potential until level 8, and Kayle likely won’t be found until around that time.

It’s important not to tunnel vision on the final build all game without having a viable team composition out. You want to actually win some games while you work your way up to the final build.

Noble Draven Build Items

Draven – Rapid Firecannon, Runaan’s Hurricane, Bloodthirster

Gangplank – Guardian Angle, Hush, Red Buff


Draven, Vayne, Lucian, and Fiora can be in your back line but make sure to spread them out so there is one hexagon between each of them to avoid the Hextech compositions.

Garen and Leona can hold down the front line with one on each side of the board. Kayle and Gangplank can be positioned behind Garen and Leona for added support.

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Cole is a lifelong PC gamer who loves FPS, RPG, and MMO games. The first PC game that got him hooked was the Counter-Strike beta in 1999. He has thousands of hours in all of the old-school Blizzard games like Starcraft, Warcraft, and Diablo.

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