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TFT Patch 9.15 – What’s Broken?

With each TFT patch comes big changes and a strong meta shuffle up. The 9.15 patch is no different. We will review some of the major changes along with some of the current broken aspects of the 9.15 patch.

To read the full patch notes please click here.

Big Changes

New Breakpoints

Gunslingers, Brawlers, Shapeshifters and Blademasters all now have extra breakpoints. You can now build comps with

  • Gunslingers (6) for 3 additional attacks
  • Brawlers (6) for 1200 extra HP
  • Shapeshifters (6) for 120% bonus HP on Transform
  • Blademasters (9) for a change to get 4 extra attacks


Demons have been nerfed with less mana burn. From 25%/50%/85% chance to 20%/35%/60%

Dragon magic immunity has been nerfed from 100% to 83% immunity.

Morgana nerfed with longer cast time from 0.35 to 0.5 sec

Ionic Spark damage reduced from 200 to 150

Hush Silence duration reduced from 5 seconds to 3 seconds

Akali abilit damaged has been reduced from 200/375/550 to 150/275/400


Ninjas now have a flat Attack Damage and Ability Power bonus with +40 AD & AP at 1 Ninja and +60 AD & AP at 4 Ninja. This will help them be stronger auto attackers.

Pirates now generate more gold per chest from 1.6 to 1.75 on average

Nobels now have magic resist at 60 Armor & MR / +35 Life on hit

Knights now apply a team buff for 15/30/55 damage ignored from all sources.

Void now deal True Damage

Yordles now also dodge On-hit effects

Karthus now has more damage and hits more targets. 400/700/1000 hitting 5/9/13

Cho’Gath attack speed and ability damage increased

Lissandra ability damage increased to 150/275/400

Brand AD increased to 200/375//550

Braum armor increased from 25 to 75

Leona armor increased from 55 to 100

There are many more minor changes but these are the ones that currently stand out. Please check the patch notes for more detailed information.

So Whats Broken?

Three things currently standout to be broken. Riot is looking to quick fix all of these issues so play them while they are available for some fun wins.

  • Frozen Heart stacking
  • Akali spell crits 100% always
  • Cho’Gaths spell damage is insane

Cho’Gath OP

Currently Chos ability is super powerful especially paired with 6 Sorcerers and Death Caps

Frozen Heart Perma Stun

Currently if you stack two frozen hearts and put them on a champion like Pyke you can essentially permastun the entire enemy team.

Akali 100% Crit Bug

Even tho Akali got slightly nerfed, she is bugged right now and crits at 100% for her ability. Making her super string with mana items and spell damage items.

So What’s the New Meta?

We will keep you posted on the emergence of a the new strong meta but look to play with Noble/Knight combos and Yordle builds. The new buffs can prove to make them strong.

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