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TFT Pantheon Stats

Riot Games teased a new champion likely to be released in the TFT 9.17 patch. They didn’t reveal much about the character, but here’s what we know. Pantheon is a tier five Dragon Guardian unit.

This allows TFT players to have another alternative unit for Dragon and Guardian bonuses. Without Pantheon in the mix, players must use Shyvana and Aurelion Sol for the Dragon synergy and Braum and Leona for the Guardian synergy.

TFT Pantheon Ultimate

Pantheon’s ultimate is Grand Starfall – “Pantheon leaps into the air and then crashes down on the furthest enemy, stunning it and dealing percentage max health damage to everything on the way.”

It is not understood how his ability scales as he levels up to 2-star or 3-star. Players have tested him and reported he is capable of wiping out an entire enemy board as a 2-star unit.

Pantheon Release

Pantheon is already in game for TFT players that have access to PBE. Riot Games has not announced an official release date, but he is likely to be added in the upcoming patch. Riot did the same thing with the Twisted Fate unit.

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