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Supervisor Quest Guide – Escape from Tarkov

This isn't a pay to win game. Or is it?
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Locating ojectives, gettinrg rid of enemies, collecting evidence and handing over items. A lot of things are possible in Escape from Tarkov. And since the amount of missions appears to just grow and grow, there are times that we just have to take a break and deal with things that are, well, simpler. This is not the case, though, because, if I am not mistaken, finding some missing keys is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. But don’t worry, you don’t have to call your mom to magically find the keys for you in the place you swore was completely empty. You just need to follow our Supervisor quest guide for Escape from Tarkov and everything will be ok. Let’s go!

Supervisor Quest Guide

Before attempting to do this quest, you will have to be at least level 40 in order to tackle it. Once you do, you will receive this quest on behalf of Ragman, one of the traders in the game. What you will have to do is to obtain the Goshan cash register key and then hand it over to Ragman himself. You have four options for finding this key.

First, go ahead and search for it in jackets, drawers, or pockets and bags of Scavs. Second, you can go to Customs and find it on the seat of the white bus that is located and is part of the roadblock, next to the new gas station. Third, since it is not necessary to find the key in a raid, you can just go ahead and purchase it in the Flea Market. Finally, if you feel like bartering and trading, go ahead and exchange the following at Jaeger LL3: 6x Toilet Paper, 5x Repellent, 2x SurvL Survivor Lighter, and 2x Pack of chlorine. You will receive the key in return.

Once you hand the key to Ragman, you will receive the following rewards:

  • 24,100 EXP
  • Ragman Rep +0.03
  • 250,000 Roubles minimum
  • 1× FORT Defender-2 body armor
  • 1× Interchange plan map
  • Barter unlocked for FORT Redut-T5 body armor at Ragman LL4

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Well, that was easy, specially if you picked option 3. That is the beauty about this game, although the key is presented as unique and exclusive, somehow the owner managed to make enough copies for you to be able to find it anywhere. What a wonderful man, may he rest in peace.

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