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Ultimate Tower Defense Codes (September 2022)

Here's a complete up-to-date list of Roblox Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator codes that you can redeem for in-game items.
Roblox Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator Codes

Roblox Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator is a game where players can assemble a team of heroes and fight villains by beating enemies’ waves. Spend your money on powerful heroes, and merge them to create even better ones. Team up with your friends and try to defeat as many waves as possible to become the most powerful player in the game. You can use our Roblox Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator codes list to get some free in-game currency, which you can use to buy new heroes and upgrades.

All Working and Expired Roblox Ultimate Tower Defense Codes 

Below is a complete list of Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator codes that you can use to redeem in-game items and currency like Gems and Gold. Codes expire quickly, so make sure to use them while they are active if you do not want to miss out on any freebies. You can bookmark this page by pressing CTRL + D on your keyboard so you can check back for updates daily.

Ultimate Tower Defense Codes (Working)

Last checked: September 22, 2022

  • 600MillionVisits: 100 Gems 
  • leaderboardreset6: 75 Gems
  • 340kLikes: 5K Gold
  • 330KLikes: 5K Gold
  • LateJuly4: 200 Gems
  • 320kLikes: Gold and Gems
  • Maja: 75 Gold

Ultimate Tower Defense Codes (Expired)

  • Easter2022: Gold and Gems
  • StayGreen2022: 200 Gems
  • 310kLikes: 5k Gold
  • MrFlimmyFlammy: AlbertFlamingo tower
  • Valentines2022: 200 Gems
  • 300kLikes: 5K Gold
  • MillionMembers: 500 Gems
  • 290KLikes: 5K Gold
  • NewYears2022: Live on New Years!
  • Christmas2021: 200 Gems
  • 280KLikes: 5K Gold
  • 500MillionVisits: 5,000 Gold
  • 270KLikes: 5K Gold
  • 260KLikes: 5K Gold
  • 250KLikes: 5K Gold
  • 240KLikes: 5k Gold
  • 230KLikes: 3k Gold
  • 220KLikes: 3k Gold
  • 210klikes: 3k Gold
  • 20Updates: 100 Gems (VIP Server)
  • 200KLikes: 10k Gold.
  • Blackbeard!: 100 Gems
  • 600kGroupMembers: 150 Gems
  • 5/30/21: 150 Gems
  • 190KLikes: 2.5 Gold
  • 600kGroupMembers: 150 Gems
  • 180kLikes: 2.5k Gold
  • 300mVisits: 10k Gold
  • 170KLikes: 2.5k Gold
  • 100Gems: 100 Gems.
  • 160KLikes: 2.5k Gold.
  • 250mVisits: 7.5k Gold.
  • 150KLikes: 2,500 Gold.
  • 140KLikes: 2,500 Gold.
  • 130KLikes: 2,500 Gold.
  • 200Mvisits: Redeem code for 5,000 Gold!
  • 120klikes: 2,500 Gold.
  • 110KLikes: 2,500 Gold.
  • 100Mvisits: 2,000 Gold.
  • valentinesday: 2,000 Gold.
  • 50mVisits: 1,500 Gold.
  • ANIME: 1,000 Gold.
  • Maja: 75 Gold.
  • BREN0RJ7: Get Bren0RJ7.
  • SnowRBX: Get SnowRBX.
  • MerryChristmas: Get the Christmas Spidey.
  • Russo: Get Russo.
  • Sub2PlanetMilo: Redeem for Plantet_Milo.
  • Blueio: Redeem for Blueio.
  • Veyar: Redeem for Veyar.
  • Inemajohn: Redeem for Inemajohn.
  • Betero: Redeem for Betero.
  • Tofuu: Redeem for Tofuu.
  • Gravy: Redeem for GravyCatMan Hero.

How to Redeem Codes in Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator

To redeem codes in Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator, you can start by launching the game and looking for the codes icon on the lefthand side of your screen. Next, tap on the Twitter button to open up the code window and enter any of our codes listed above in the field. How to Redeem Codes in Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator

How to get more codes for Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator

The developers of the Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator game release new codes often. You can follow the game on the official Roblox page and check the description for new codes and updates. We also maintain our list of codes so it is always up-to-date. Bookmark this page and check back daily for new updates if you always want the latest codes.

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