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How to get Big Mom in Roblox All Star Tower Defense

She's mad, and she's big.
Roblox All Star Tower Defense Codes (November 2020)
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All Star Tower Defense is a unique Roblox anime game where players must collect heroes to use as towers in a tower defense style game. Find your favourite heroes and use them to fend off the waves of enemies as they threaten your position. But there is one hero that you may have to fight first if you want their help. Large Mother, or Big Mom, is a 6 star unit that you’ll be wanting in your ranks. Here is how to get Big Mom as part of the team in All Star Tower Defense.

How to unlock Big Mom in All Star Tower Defense

Why get Big Mom?

Big Mom, or Large Mother, is a very powerful 6 star unit that is already very powerful at first, but becomes incredibly powerful with upgrades. At first, this hero will cause heavy damage in a close radius, but upgraded, and she will have a fantastic range with incredibly powerful attacks. Enemies will have a hard time getting close.

big mom in all star tower defense
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Additionally, Large Mother has a mad variant, made by combining:

  • 2 x Large Mothers
  • 1 x Cloud
  • 1 x Sun
  • 2 x Angel V

Large Mother (Mad) has some crazy crowd-clearing attacks. She is more expensive, but her attacks will rampage down the roads, slaughtering all its way. Fantastic for levels with swarms of enemies, you’ll find it difficult to stop using her once you’ve debuted her.

Fighting for Big Mom

To get your hands on Big Mom, you’ll need to do a little fighting in the dungeons, so you’ll need to be level 40 or higher. There are two methods of acquiring this character, so you can choose your prefered route.

Firstly, Big Mom has her own dungeon, so if you are powerful enough, you can challenge it. If you beat the dungeon, then you will have a guaranteed chance of claiming her.

lobby in all star tower defense
Image via Top Down Games

Alternatively, you can challenge the fourth dungeon in All Star Tower Defense, which will give you a 25% chance of obtaining Big Mom.

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