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Risk of Rain 2: Bandit Skills and Abilities

How to unlock Bandit in Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 is celebrating its anniversary update today, March 25. As part of the update, a new Survivor named Bandit is now on the roster, along with a bunch of class-specific challenges. He’s a rogue-like character with some exciting skills and abilities, which we’ll outline below, that can deal severe damage to solo enemies. Here’s how to unlock Bandit in Risk of Rain 2 and a look at his skills and abilities.

The anniversary update focuses primarily on unreleased items and features that did not make it into the official 1.0 release. One of these is, of course, the Bandit character. There’s already a playable Bandit mod, so it’s important to understand this version is different than the community-made Bandit mods. The team says they’ve gotten better at making content since they scrapped their original Bandit concept.

How to unlock Bandit in Risk of Rain 2

Bandit is an automatic unlock in Risk of Rain 2, so you should have access to him without doing much of anything. Launch your game, and start up a match to see him on your character selection screen.

Bandit Skills and Abilities in Risk of Rain 2

Here’s a look at Bandit’s skills and abilities:

  • Backstab: All attacks from behind are Critical Strikes.
  • Burst: Fire a shotgun burst for 5×100% damage. Can hold up to 4 shells.
  • Serrated Dagger: Lunge and slash for 360% damage. Critical Strikes also cause hemorrhaging.
  • Smoke Bomb: Stunning. Deal 200% damage, become invisible, then deal 200% damage again.
  • Lights Out: Slayer. Fire a revolver shot for 600% damage. Kills reset all your cooldowns.

Risk of Rain 2 developers are planning on releasing a paid expansion later in 2021. Most of their focus has been on the Anniversary Update, but they will focus on the upcoming expansion now that the update has come to light. 

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