What does Egocentrism do in Risk of Rain 2

With great power comes missing items.
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The Survivors of the Void expansion pack brought many new things in Risk of Rain 2. The action-indie title introduced a new tier of items called the Lunar tier in the March 2022 update. We know these items for their power and the negatives, which comes as a package with them.

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As the new Survivors of the Void expansion pack is ready to hit the consoles in the upcoming year, we will specifically look at Egocentrism, which is an interesting item in the update.

What does Egocentrism do in Risk of Rain 2

Egocentrism is a Lunar item in the game. Added in the Survivors of the Void expansion pack, the item possesses interesting features.

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Egocentrism is similar to other items in the Lunar tier. It gives positive ability, but also has a bizarre drawback. It doesn’t trade your health or damage, but it consumes random items from your inventory.

Every three seconds Egocentrism summon an orb which hovers around the user. There can be a max of three orbs around the user. The orb immediately follows an enemy on being in close proximity, makes contact, and explodes dealing 360% damage.

Note: The official timing of orb generation is three seconds. However, that’s actually wrong. The correct time is 3/stacks seconds per orb.

The problem with having so much damage is the tradeoff. Every 60 seconds, the items will take a random item from your inventory and convert it into another stack of Egocentrism. Stacking is not particularly great as it doesn’t increase damage, but increases the number of orbs you have at a time. It also reduces the time it takes for a new orb to spawn.

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