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Risk of Rain 2 aims for August release

Early last year, Risk of Rain 2 went into early access on Steam. The third-person roguelike, and successor to the 2013 title of the same name, received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the community. 

Hopoo Games initially planned for a Spring 2020 release date, but things understandably got pushed back. Risk of Rain 2 will now release in August, according to their new Early Access Forecast.

The game is aiming to launch version 1.0 by August of this year. Moving the launch from Spring to August allows the team some time to deliver on highly requested features. 

Risk of Rain 2 has grown significantly since it’s initial early access launch, and the final boss should make the entire experience feel more complete. Other additions coming in 1.0 include new items and equipment, a new survivor, and more.

Another feature players can look forward to is the server browser. Online experience and quick play is currently somewhat of a struggle. This new addition allows players to connect to game and find other players more easily. You will be able to host public games that show up in the browser as well. 

“While we still don’t have host migration, the hope is that if everyone is playing in a lobby with settings they like, people won’t be quitting for ping, difficulty, or any other fixable reasons. We’re also hoping that a built-in server browser can breathe some life into community-hosted Dedicated Servers.”

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