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How to Unlock Characters in Risk of Rain 2

How to Unlock Characters in Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 has been gaining popularity on Steam towards the end of 2019 and into the new year. This new rogue-lite game is shaping up to be an all around amazing game with high replay value that makes for a great time alone or with friends.

There’s eight different unlockable characters in Risk of Rain 2, and this guide will show you how to unlock each of them.

How to Unlock Characters in Risk of Rain 2


How to unlock Commando: Start a game

Commando is the starting character and to unlock him all you need to do is start a game. You’ll be playing with him until you unlock the next character, but he proves to be an all around solid class. He has some short cooldowns and effective abilities to aid you in combat.

Commando has a basic attack that is fast and easy to use. His secondary ability is good for hitting multiple enemies at once if you manage to line them up. He also has a dodge maneuver that will help get him out of danger.


How to unlock MUL-T: Beat the first level 5 times

MUL-T can swap between two types of attacks at any time. His first is a short range nail gun which is good for crowd control when they are multiple enemies nearby. His other attack is a long range sniper, which is good for picking enemies off at a far distance.

MUL-T also has a speed dash which can be used to quickly get away from enemies. Cluster grenades is another move in his arsenal and can be used to deal some damage and stun enemies.


How to unlock Huntress: Beat the first 3 levels without dying

Huntress is a high DPS character with lots of mobility. With high mobility comes low health, so be prepared to use your skills to evade enemy attacks at all costs. She can shoot enemies while sprinting and has strong area damage.

She can sprint and bounce off enemies up to six times, and one of her attacks suspends her in the air so you can use it when you’re in a bind to get out of danger.


How to unlock Mercenary: Obliterate yourself at the Celestial Portal at the end of the seventh stage

Mercenary is a melee character that might be a good choice if you prefer close range combat. He has a sword he uses for his melee attacks that allows players to perform combo attacks.

This character is great for boss fights and groups of enemies as well. His laser sword move slices in front of him for 130% with every 3rd hit dealing 300% damage in a larger area. Whirlwind slices horizontally 2 times for 200% each, or vertically if you perform the move while in the air.

Binding assault is a good mobility skill allowing the player to dash forward and stun enemies and dash up to 3 times. His passive skill cybernetic enhancements allows him to always jump twice. Finish off the fights with eviscerate, which repeatedly attacks the nearest enemy for 110% damage.


How to unlock Engineer: complete 30 levels

The engineer is a defensive oriented character that has a wide arsenal of tools at his disposal. Place dual-turrets, mines, or shields with the engineer to take down enemies and help your team survive.

You will need a more strategic style of play and good timing to make the most out of this character. He is a great utility character for co-op play with some very useful abilities like Bouncing Grenades, Pressure Mines, Bubble Shields, and TR12 Auto Turrets.


How to unlock Artificer: free her from the Newt Shop with 10 Lunar Coins

Artificer is a ranged caster class capable of dealing elemental damage and large area of effect damage. Utilize four different spells with Artificer to take down enemies. Flame Bolt deals 200% damage and ignites enemies. Charged Nano Bomb deals 400%-1200% damage and stuns enemies.

Snapfreeze freezes enemies for 100% and will immediately kill anyone at low enough health. Flamethrower burns enemies in front of you in a cone for 1700% damage. Make use of fire and ice to crowd control groups of enemies with ease.


How to unlock Rex: complete the ‘Power Plant’ challenge

To unlock Rex, you’ll need to carry the Fuel Array item, from the pod you crash landed in, all the way over to Rex’s body. Rex can be found in the Abyssal Depths (one of two possible 4th levels). Unfortunately, the Fuel Array item is unstable, so if your health goes under 50% you will blow up and die.

Rex is a great crowd control player, with a high risk style of play. Some of his moves take off a portion of his health whenever you use them. The upside is that they deal a ton of damage when used correctly.

His Tangling Growth and Seed Barrage moves will deal a lot of damage but take up a portion of your health. Natural Toxins, Inject, and Disperse will all weaken the enemies making them easy to cleanup for yourself or your teammates.


How to unlock Loader: complete the ‘Guardian Offline’ challenge

Unlocking Loader will take a bit of luck because you will need to get a specific map to play which is not always guaranteed. The map we’re looking for is Siren’s Call, which is one of two maps at the fourth stage of the game. The other map is Abyssal Depths, so if you are on a mission to unlock Loader and see Abyssal Depths you may want to restart.

You will need to search around the map for five egg nests to destroy. They look a bit like the large white mushrooms found around the map and spawn randomly. After destroying them, a boss called Alloy Worship Unit spawns, and defeating it will grant you Loader.


How to unlock Acrid: Beat the 9 challenges in the Void Fields

Under the Bazaar in the Bazaar Between Time there’s a hidden cave leading up to a purple portal. You can take this portal and be transported to the Void Fields. You must complete all 9 challenge cells here in order to unlock this character.

Acrid has a passive poison skill, making certain attacks poison enemies for 10% of their maximum health over time. Poison is unable to kill enemies but it will drain their health.

The Captain

How to unlock the Captain: beat the final boss in the Commencement.

Encounter Sky Meadow and proceed through the level, defeating all enemies on the way. Get to the final boss and defeat him to unlock The Captain.

This is the latest character after the official release of Risk of Rain 2. The Captain has some good survivability and support abilities. He is a great addition to any team composition.

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