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Pokemon Masters Battle Villa Guide

Pokemon Masters Battle Villa Guide

The Battle Villa has opened up on February 27th, 2020. This new limited-time adventure mode lets you assign up to nine sync pairs to battle your way through the Villa. In order to unlock Battle Villa you must complete chapter 7 of the main story. Our Pokemon Masters Battle Villa Guide will walk you through the new mode.

Pokemon Masters Battle Villa Guide

The Battle Villa features multiple battle stages called halls. You start at the lowest hall and work your way up by winning battles with your sync pairs. Your main goal in this event is to win the final hall before the challenge period ends.

After the challenge period ends your progress will be completely reset and you’ll have to start over. Your team’s HP and Move Points are carried over into the next battle. Sync pairs that reach 0 HP are no longer able to participate in battles that day.

Only 9 sync pairs can be added to your roster every day, so you might want to check out the Boss Hints section in Area Details screen every time before you take on the challenge. Your Battle Villa roster condition resets every day at 10:00 AM.

Pokemon Masters Battle Villa Treats and Rewards

Vitality Treats and Vigor Treats can be obtained in the Battle Villa, accessed from the bottom of the main hall list screen in single-player. They do not carry over and delete after each period.

You will get Bonus Rewards from completing the milestone hall in the Battle Villa, and Milestone Rewards from completing specific halls of the Battle Villa. These can be claimed once the challenge period has ended.

Pokemon Masters Battle Villa Tips

After the 10th hall, the game starts getting more difficult. You can use these types to take advantage of weaknesses:

  • First few halls are easy, use any type
  • Up to Hilda use Dragon, Flying, Poison
  • Up to Noland use Bug, Ghost, Psychic
  • Up to Kris use Fire, Grass, Rock
  • Up to Thorton use Grass, Rock, and Fire

Players have reported a good strategy to use is beat up to Hilda on day one, then beat up to Kris, on day two, and finish out the Battle Villa in Thorton Hall on day three.

A Reddit user in the Pokemon Masters subreddit put together this sheet with some boss weaknesses you can use.


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