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Where to Find Pokémon GO Friends

Where to Find Pokémon GO Friends
Image: Niantic/The Pokemon Company

In just about any community-based online game, the best way to meet people who play it is to simply play it yourself. When you get really into an online game, you tend to instinctively seek out people who share your interests in it so you can talk shop and help each other out. Even though it’s a game that prioritizes real-world interaction, Pokémon GO is very much the same. Here’s where to find Pokémon GO friends.

When you’re walking down the street, engaged in your phone playing Pokémon GO, there’s a distinct possibility that, when passing landmarks like PokéStops and especially during events, you’ll see other people doing the same. All you really have to do is ask them “hey, would you like to be friends in Pokémon GO?” If they say yes, great, you’ve got a friend. If they say no, say it’s alright, and hustle yourself outta there before it gets any more awkward. If, however, you don’t really like the idea of talking to strangers in person (which is understandable), there are other means of getting friends together that don’t require face-to-face interaction.

Where to Find Pokémon GO Friends

While the primary method of adding friends is to do so in their immediate proximity, you can befriend any Pokémon GO user anywhere in the world through the use of their unique trainer or QR code. Where can you get these codes? All over the place!

Are you a Reddit user? Pop over to r/PokemonGoFriends to find Trainers looking for simple friendships or assembling raid groups. Looking for friends in particular regions? Check out the PoGO Trainer Club, which has a list of members and their codes, plus the way they prefer to play the game (raids, PvP, trading, etc.). Not especially picky about who you befriend? Try Pokémon GO Friend Codes, where you can find a massive list of QR codes you can scan for completely random friends! If you’re in the market for friends, you’ve got no shortage of options!

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