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Best Pokémon GO Teams for Ultra League Remix

Best Pokémon GO Teams for Ultra League Remix

Something that kind of irks me about the meta of certain multiplayer games is that, once someone figures out an ideal configuration, everyone starts using it. A lot of the best players in Pokémon GO use the same Pokémon because they’re tried and true. This is why I appreciate shake-ups like the Ultra League Remix. Here are the best Pokémon GO teams for Ultra League Remix.

Ultra League Remix has the same basic requirement as the regular Ultra League, that being you can’t enter any Pokémon with CP greater than 2,500. There’s an additional wrinkle, however: the 20 most-used Pokémon of Trainers in the Ace rank or above aren’t permitted. So not only can you not pack overwhelmingly strong Pokémon, you can’t even bring paired-down versions of the best picks. You’re gonna have to get a little creative to excel in this league.

Obviously, there’s no such thing as a “perfect” team, as the requirements of your team will vary widely depending on what you’re up against. As such, the quantifiers for an ideal team are the ability to deal decisive damage while also defending against one’s weak points.

Best Pokémon GO Teams for Ultra League Remix

One particular standout team for the Pokémon GO Ultra League Remix is composed of Galarian Stunfisk, Jellicent, and Gengar. Galarian Stunfisk is the star of this team, and can actually be slotted into a variety of other teams if you feel so inclined. With an XL Candy, it can just barely skirt under the 2,500 CP limit, while also packing resistances against a whopping ten different types. While Galarian Stunfisk serves as your bulwark, Gengar can provide the DPS. What it lacks in defense, it makes up with in strength, and Galarian Stunfisk can cover its back. Of course, in the event your opponent has a Galarian Stunfisk of their own, that’s where Jellicent comes in, as its typing is perfect to exploit Galarian Stunfisk’s few weaknesses.

Besides this trio, you could also take a swing with Steelix, Blastoise, and Roserade. Steelix’s stalwart defense makes it a great lead choice, and when your foes are burnt out, you can switch to Roserade to deal some poison damage. When they’re on the ropes, tag in Blastoise as your closer to bring things to a decisive conclusion. It’s all about playing the waiting game, then striking when your opponent is out of steam.

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