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Pokemon Go Sinnoh Event

Pokemon Go Sinnoh Event
Pokemon Go Sinnoh Event

The Pokemon Go Sinnoh Event is a new event to celebrate the Sinnoh region in Pokemon Go. Here’s everything you need to know about the event all in one convenient place.

Pokemon Go Sinnoh Event

Pokemon Go Sinnoh Event Date

February 7th, 2020 8:00 AM to February 10th, 2020 Local Time.

Gift Eggs

Note that there are reports of getting 2 eggs from 1 gift.

  • Bonsly (s)
  • Buizel
  • Budew (s)
  • Cherubi
  • Combee
  • Bronzor (s)
  • Gible (s)
  • Hippopotas (s)
  • Mantyke
  • Riolu (s)
  • Shinx (s)
  • Happiny
  • Munchlax
  • Chingling

Field Research

Sinnoh Celebration: Use a Sinnoh Stone to evolve a PokemonCranidos
Sinnoh Celebration: Hatch 5 eggs.Sinnoh Stone
Sinnoh Celebration: Catch 5 Turtwig, Chimchar or Piplup1000 Stardust
Sinnoh Celebration: Win a raidHippopotas
Sinnoh Celebration: Catch 5 KricketotCombee

Boosted Spawns

The following spawn rates have been boosted, according to players:

  • Bronzor (s)
  • Chimchar (s)
  • Gible (s)
  • Piplup (s)
  • Snover (s)
  • Turtwig (s)
  • Hippopotas (s)
  • Cranidos

New Shiny Pokemon

  • Hippopotas
  • Riolu

Raid Bosses

TierRaid Bosses
1 Burmy, Hippopotas, Klink, Timburr, Shinx
2 Electabuzz, Kricketune, Magmar, Misdreavus, Prinplup, Roselia
3 Alolan Raichu, Drifblim, Floatzel, Skuntank, Staraptor, Toxicroak,
4Alolan Marowak, Excadrill, Galarian Weezing, Infernape, Rhydon, Togetic, Torterra
5 Tornadus, Regigigas (EX raid)
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