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How to Catch Shiny Charmander in Pokémon GO

How to Catch Shiny Charmander in Pokémon GO

Call me a prude, but I find it somewhat disappointing that a shiny Charmander’s tail flame burns the same color as a regular Charmander’s. Wouldn’t it be cooler if it burned, I dunno, pink or something? Tell me you wouldn’t tear the world apart in search of a Charmander with a pink flame. Oh well. Even if it’s a normal flame, here’s how to catch shiny Charmander in Pokémon GO.

Charmander’s shiny variation was added to Pokémon GO during the fifth Community Day event back in May of 2018. If you have a distinctive hankering for a shiny Charmander right this second, then I sincerely hope you were playing the game on Tuesday, because the most recent Spotlight Hour was on Charmander, which meant a boosted chance to find a shiny one. If you missed that chance, don’t lose hope, as there are still ways to find a shiny Charmander. They’re just very lengthy, inefficient ways. Them’s the brakes!

How to Catch Shiny Charmander in Pokémon GO

Just like any Fire-type Pokémon, the best place to go hunting for a Shiny Charmander in Pokémon GO is in really hot locations. Obviously, heat is heavily dependent on your local climate and season, but as it’s summer right now, that’s less of a problem. 

As for where to go, well, anywhere the sun’s shining! The beach, wide farmlands, suburbs, and even cities can all house Fire types. Have you ever been to New York City in the middle of August? It’s hot as heck, let me tell you. You can also pop a Lure module at a local PokéStop, though since there aren’t any Fire-affiliated Lure types, this may work to your disadvantage. An Incense would be a better choice, as they’re not type-reliant.

Beyond that, be on the lookout for any Charmander-headed Raids or Field Research Tasks. It’s gonna take a lot of trial and error, but you might just get lucky and stumble upon what you’re looking for.

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