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Pokémon GO Rocket Grunts Guide

Pokémon GO Rocket Grunts Guide

I haven’t the foggiest idea why anyone would willingly work for Team Rocket. Even if you’re low on scruples, it doesn’t exactly have the best track record as an organization. Maybe they get full dental, I dunno. Whatever the reason, Team Rocket recruits a wide variety of grunts, and if you want to kick them off their perches, you’ll need to know how to handle all of them. Here’s a guide to Rocket Grunts in Pokémon GO.

Just like the Rocket Admins, Rocket Grunts assemble teams of three Pokémon from a set of available pools. Unlike the Admins, though, the kind of Pokémon Grunts will use vary wildly, and they can throw you off guard if you’re not prepared. Luckily, Rocket Grunts have tells that will clue you in to the kind of Pokémon they’ll use, allowing you to prepare accordingly.

Pokémon GO Rocket Grunts Guide

Here are all the Pokémon and types that GO Rocket Grunts will use, and the dialog to look out for to know what’s coming:

“Coiled and Ready to Strike!” – Poison types

Favors pure Poison types like Nidoran, Zubat, Muk, and Weezing. Counter with Ground types like Golem and Rhyperior.

“Normal doesn’t mean weak.” – Normal types

Favors pure Normal types like Bidoof and Raticate. Counter with Fighting types like Machamp and Lucario.

“ROAR! … How did that sound?” – Dragon types

Favors Dragon types like Flygon and Dragonite. Ice types like Mamoswine will work.

“These waters are treacherous.” – Water types

Favors Water types like Psyduck, Wartortle, and Slowbro. Counter with Grass or Electric types like Sceptile or Magnezone.

“Don’t tangle with us!” – Grass types

Favors Grass types like Tangela, Cacnea, and Vileplume. Counter with Fire types like Charizard.

“Battle against my Flying type Pokémon!” – Flying types

Favors Flying types like Zubat, Starly, and Murkrow. A Tyranitar with Smack Down would be your best choice, but otherwise, bring Electric types.

“Do you know how hot Pokémon fire breath can get?” – Fire types

Favors pure Fire types like Vulpix and Magmar. Counter with Water types like Vaporeon, or Rock types like Tyranitar. 

“Go, my super bug Pokémon!” – Bug types

Favors Bug types like Pinsir, Skorupi, and Scizor. Counter with Fire types like Charizard or Moltres.

“You’ll be defeated into the ground!” Ground types

Favors Ground types like Cubone, Marowak, and Flygon. Counter with Water or Ice types like Mamoswine or Gyrados.

“Are you scared of psychics that use unseen power?” – Psychic types

Favors Psychic types like Abra, Metang, and Hypno. Counter with Dark types like Houndoom, Tyranitar, and Weaville.

“Let’s rock and roll!” – Rock types

Favors Rock types like Anorith, Lileep, and Larvitar. Counter with Fighting types like Machamp.

“Ke… ke… ke… ke… ke… ke…” – Ghost types

Favors Ghost types like Sableye and Banette. Counter Sableye with a Fairy type like Sylveon, the rest with Dark types like Weaville and Tyranitar.

“This buff physique isn’t just for show!” – Fighting types

Favors Fighting types like Machop and Hitmonlee. Counter with Psychic, Flying, or Fairy types.

“You’re gonna be frozen in your tracks.” – Ice types

Favors Ice types like Spheal, Snover, and Cloyster. Counter with Fighting, Rock, or Fire.

“Wherever there is light, there is also shadow.” – Dark types

Favors Dark types like Sharpedo, Poochyena, and Cacturne. Counter with Fairy types like Sylveon or Togekiss.

“Get ready to be shocked!” – Electric types

Favors Electric types like Magnemite and Electabuzz. Counter with Ground types like Rhyperior.

“Check out my cute Pokémon!” – Fairy types

Exclusively uses Snubbull, Granbull, Ralts, and Kirlia. Counter with Poison or Steel types like Roserade or Metagross.

“Don’t bother- I’ve already won.”/ “Get ready to be defeated!” / “Winning is for winners.” – Difficult encounters

Exclusively uses Snorlax and Gardevoir. Counter with strong Pokémon like Metagross, Lucario, or Machamp.

Don’t worry if a Grunt beats you, you can always challenge them again. They’ll use the same lineup, so you can tweak your team to better match them.

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