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Best Teams for Retro Cup in Pokemon GO

Best Teams for Retro Cup in Pokemon GO

It’s kind of surprising that, since the very beginning of the Pokemon franchise, only three more Pokemon types have been added to the meta. A lot of us thought they’d add more types with every new generation, but I guess that would’ve gotten out of hand pretty quickly. Just for fun, though, let’s go back to the early days when there were only fifteen types, and see what we can do competitive-wise. Here are the best teams for the Retro Cup in Pokemon GO.

In the Retro Cup, there are only two rules that dictate which Pokemon you’re allowed to enter. First, they have to have a CP of 1,500 or less. No crazy Legendaries here. Secondly, and more importantly, they can only be one of the original 15 types. This means no Steel types, Dark types, or Fairy types allowed. Beyond those two rules, any Pokemon in the PokeDex is fair game.

Best Teams for Retro Cup in Pokemon GO

Assembling a team under these conditions is a bit tricky, simply because it’s such a loose framework. After all, for all I know, you’ve trained up the most powerful Eevee in the world. That said, if we’re sticking within the limits of the first 15 types, then there are a few Pokemon you should consider having on your team. These Pokemon include:

  • Lickitung
  • Altaria
  • Trevenant
  • Walrein
  • Medicham

Out of all the Pokemon you might consider for competitive pursuits, Lickitung probably wasn’t your first thought, both due to its pure Normal typing and the… obvious reason. However, the fact that it only has one weakness, Fighting types, and can use a surprisingly wide variety of moves like Lick and Power Whip makes it a pretty safe pick.

For something a little more aggressive, Altaria is an excellent choice, boasting all of the benefits of Dragon typing with solid offensive and defensive stats. You can either opt for doubled-up Dragon moves or go Dragon and Flying for a little variety. If you’re feeling a little sneaky, though, you can also opt for Moonblast if you have the Elite TM for it. After all, Fairy type Pokemon are banned, but Fairy type moves are still fair game.

Trevenant became a hot topic back in Halloween of 2021, with its ability to use Shadow Claw making it a fast and decisive attacker. Pair that with Shadow Ball or Seed Bomb, and you’ve got a quality shield-buster. Put Trevenant in the lead if you’re bringing it along so it can properly whittle down the opposition, then bring in the specialists afterward.

Assuming lots of other people opt to use Altaria or Trevenant, you’re gonna want an ace in the hole to counter them both. This is where the Ice/Water type Walrein comes in, as both Altaria and Trevenant are weak to Ice moves. Walrein’s basic Ice moves like Ice Breath and Blizzard are solid, but if you’re lucky enough to have its Elite TM moves Powder Snow and Icicle Spear, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

Finally, just to provide an extra layer of planning for other players using Lickitung or Ice types, you might want to bring along a Medicham. Its Fighting moves can counter both Normal and Ice types, and if other players are packing their own anti-Ice Fighting types, Medicham has Psychic moves to deal with them as well.

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