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Pokemon GO: Platinum Medals and Requirements

Pokemon GO: Platinum Medals and Requirements

Medals are part of the Pokemon GO progression system. They are your in-game milestones awarded for completing various tasks like catching several specific Pokemon types. A new fourth tier of medals, Platinum Medals, is now available in Pokemon GO as part of the GO Beyond update. Platinum Medals are a step up from the existing Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medals, and they have the highest requirements.

During GO Beyond, the Trainer level caps increase from 40 to 50. Grinding to max level is no easy task, and players will need to complete daunting challenges and collect a ton of XP. You will need to earn some Platinum Medals as part of a few level 41 to 50 requirements in Pokemon GO. The game tracks all of your stats, which is what determines your medals. Things like hatching eggs and catching Pokemon are all tallied up and tied to your account. Reaching different milestones unlocks these medals.

How do medals work in Pokemon GO

Medals can be broken up into different categories: Catch Medals and Activity Medals. You can unlock Catch Medals by catching a set number of specific Pokemon types. To earn every Platinum Catch Medal, you’ll need to catch 2,500 of every Pokemon. Activity Medals include other tasks like hatching a certain number of eggs and winning raids.

You can view your medals inside Pokemon GO by tapping on your avatar on the screen’s bottom-left and scrolling down. There, you can see the medals broken out into two sections. The top area is for regular Medals, and the bottom is for Catch Medals. The latter provides Catch Bonuses, which increase the chances of catching that Pokemon type.

The higher the medal, the more substantial the catch bonus. Bronze Medals provide +1 Catch Bonus, Silver +2, Gold +3, and Platinum will add +4. For multi-type Pokemon, the Catch Bonus is an average of the bonuses for each type. We’re not entirely sure what the + numbers represent, but many players think it is a flat percent chance increase.

Pokemon GO Platinum Medals Requirements

Here are all of the Platinum GO Catch Bonus and Regular Medals, along with their requirements for Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum tier.

Catch Bonus Medals

MedalActivityBronze Silver Gold Platinum 
Bird KeeperCatch Flying-type Pokmon10502002500
Black BeltCatch Fighting-type Pokmon10502002500
Bug CatcherCatch Bug-type Pokmon10502002500
DelinquentCatch Dark-type Pokmon10502002500
Depot AgentCatch Steel-type Pokmon10502002500
Dragon TamerCatch Dragon-type Pokmon10502002500
Fairy Tale GirlCatch Fairy-type Pokmon10502002500
GardenerCatch Grass-type Pokmon10502002500
Hex ManiacCatch Ghost-type Pokmon10502002500
HikerCatch Rock-type Pokmon10502002500
KindlerCatch Fire-type Pokmon10502002500
PsychicCatch Psychic-type Pokmon10502002500
Punk GirlCatch Poison-type Pokmon10502002500
RockerCatch Electric-type Pokmon10502002500
Ruin ManiacCatch Ground-type Pokmon10502002500
SchoolkidCatch Normal-type Pokmon10502002500
SkierCatch Ice-type Pokmon10502002500
SwimmerCatch Water-type Pokmon10502002500

Regular Medals

Ace TrainerTrain in Trainer Battles1010010002000
BackpackerVisit PokeStops1001000200050000
Battle GirlWin Gym battles10100010004000
Battle LegendWin legendary Raids1010010002000
Berry MasterUse berries at Gyms10100100015000
Best BuddyMake best buddies110100200
BreederHatch a number of Eggs1010010002500
CameramanSurprise encounters in Snapshot10502002500
ChampionWin Raids1010010002000
CollectorCapture a number of Pokemon30500200050000
FishermanCapture a number of Big Magikarp3503001000
GentlemanTrade Pokemon110010002500
Great League VeteranWin Battles in the Great League5502001000
Gym LeaderDefend Gyms for a period of time10100100015000
HeroDefeat Team Rocket Grunts1010010002000
HoennRegister Gen 3 Pokemon in the Pokedex54090135
IdolMake Best Friends12320
JoggerWalk a distance10 km100 km1,000 km10,000 km
JohtoRegister Johto region creatures53070100
KantoRegister Kanto Pokemon2050100151
Master League VeteranWin Master League Battles5502001000
Mega Evolution GuruNumber of unique Mega Evolutions1243646
PicknickerCatch Pokemon with attracted by a lure module5255002500
PikachuCatch Pikachu3502001000
PilotAchieve distance of Pokemon trades (km)1000100000100000010000000
Pokemon RangerComplete Field Research tasks1010010002500
PurifierPurify Shadow Pokemon5505001000
Rising StarDefeat different Pokemon types in raids.21050150
ScientistEvolve Pokemon3202002000
SightseerVisit Unique PokeStops1010010002000
SinnohRegister Gen 4 Pokemon53080107
SuccessorNumber of total Mega Evolutions1505001000
TriatheletePokemon catch or stop streak of 7 days11050100
Ultra HeroDefeat Giovanni152050
Ultra League VeteranWin Ultra League Battles5502001000
UnovaRegister Gen 5 Pokémon5501001000
UnownCatch Unown1102628
WayfarerReview Wayfarer submissions10075010001500
YoungsterCatch Tiny Rattata3503001000

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