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What is Alolan Marowak’s Weakness in Pokémon GO?

What is Alolan Marowak's Weakness in Pokémon GO?

The regular Marowak is the definition of tragedy, a Cubone whose soul and will have been hardened by loss and loneliness. Alolan Marowak is even more tragic, as its dance is the only thing that keeps the flames of departed souls on its club alight. If you’re gonna pick a fight with this thing, you’d better be ready for it to fight back tooth and nail. So, what is Alolan Marowak’s weakness in Pokémon GO?

Alolan Marowak is appearing frequently in Raids in the northern hemisphere as part of Pokémon GO’s Solstice event, representing the fierce heat of summer. Alolan Marowak has a dangerous Fire/Ghost typing, with resistances as follows:

  • Resistant to: Fairy, Ice, Fire, Grass, Steel, Poison
  • Double-Resistant to: Fighting, Bug, Normal
  • Weak against: Dark, Ground, Rock, Ghost, Water

What is Alolan Marowak’s Weakness in Pokémon GO?

Not unlike Chandelure, Alolan Marowak’s typing gives it numerous defenses, and only a few, somewhat esoteric weaknesses. However, those weaknesses may very well be its undoing if you’re prepared. 

The best Pokémon to counter its Ghost type weakness is definitely Gengar, and Mega Gengar is even better if you’ve got the Mega energy for it. With either Lick or Shadow Claw as its Quick Move and Shadow Ball as its Main, it can go at Alolan Marowak from any angle. The only downside is that its Ghost/Poison typing makes it weak to Ground moves, so you may be in trouble if Alolan Marowak employs Bone Club.

While not quite as strong as Mega Gengar, Mega Blastoise is a fairly safe pick. Doubled-up Water type moves can exploit Alolan Marowak’s Fire typing, and Alolan Marowak doesn’t have any counters against pure Water types in its kit. If you don’t mind the fight taking a little longer, Mega Blastoise is probably the safer option.

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