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Pokemon Go: Beginners guide to IVs

Pokemon Go: Beginners guide to IVs

Trying to figure out if you just caught a great Pokemon? You’ll want to appraise it and check its IVs. Many new people are trying out Pokemon Go for the first time. So if you’re new to the game, you might be wondering how this all works. In this Pokemon Go beginners guide, we will explain everything you need to know about IVs. 

Back in 2019, Niantic updated the Pokemon Go appraisal system. Before the new system, trainers would have to use third-party apps to figure it out. Now, it’s easy to do in-game in just a few taps of your finger.

What are IVs in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon individual values, abbreviated as IVs, represent the stats of any given Pokemon. The elements of this overall metric are Attack, Defense, and HP. The maximum value of each component is 15, meaning the highest possible total is 45, or 100%.

You can see each Pokemon IV by appraising it. Click on the Poke Ball in the bottom middle of your screen and go to Pokemon. Pick one and tap on the three lines on the bottom right to bring up the menu. Now, tap on appraise, and you can see the stats of your Pokemon. You can also browse from left to right while in appraisal mode by tapping the arrows. This feature allows you to appraise other Pokemon quickly.

Depending on the IV of a Pokemon, it will have a 1-4 star rating. The star rating is calculated by the overall total IV of a Pokemon. Here is the formula:

  • 0* = Under 50%
  • 1* = 51% to 64.4%
  • 2* = 66.7% to 80%
  • 3* = 82.2% to 98%
  • 4* = 100% (Perfect)

Here are a few examples of each star rating, with numbers next to the Attack, Defense, and HP to show you how to calculate the IV.

  • Tauros: 15/45 (33%)
  • Mantine: 29/45 (64%)
  • Flareon: 34/45 (75%)
  • Vaporeon: 39/45 (87%)
Pokemon Go: Beginners guide to IVs - 0 and 1 star
Pokemon Go: Beginners guide to IVs - 2 and 3 star

Searching for Pokemon by Star Rating

You can now easily search for Pokemon by star rating by typing the star rating into the search bar. For example, if you want to see all the perfect IV four-star Pokemon in your collection, type “4*” in the search.

Pokemon Go: Beginners guide to IVs - 4 star

Hopefully, our beginner’s guide to understanding IVs in Pokemon Go helps you out. You can now appraise your Pokemon and figure out which ones are worth keeping, evolving, and powering up.

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