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Pokemon Go Incense Day Event May 17

Pokemon Go Incense Day Event May 17

A brand new Pokemon Go Incense Day Event is starting on May 17. Water-type and Dark-type Pokemon will be appearing more frequently and be easier to catch during this time. Any incense you use during the event is also far more effective, with a high chance to attract Water-type, Dark-type, and Carvanha.

Pokemon Go Incense Day Event May 17 Schedule

The Pokemon Go Incense Day Event on May 17 starts at 11:00 AM and runs until 5:00 PM Local Time. During this time, you have a high chance for Dark and Water type Pokemon. The type of Pokemon your incense attracts will rotate every hour.

  • 11-12: Water Type
  • 12-1: Dark Type
  • 1-2: Water Type
  • 2-3: Dark Type
  • 3-4: Water Type
  • 4-5: Dark Type

Using incense can get you a variety of different pokemon to show up near you, but the types above have a increased chance. The Water-type chances you can encounter are Horsea, Tympole, or Alomomola. Dark-type include Mukrow, Sableeye, and Scraggy.

Anyone interested in taking part in the event can get an incense from the in-game store, with the option to buy a bundle containing 3 for 1 PokeCoin. You can choose to use this incense during the event or hang onto it for later.

Again, the Pokemon Go Incense Day Event for May 17 runs from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM Local Time, so make sure to use some incense during this time to take advantage of the increased effectiveness.

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