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Pokémon GO Holiday Catch Challenge Tasks and Rewards

Pokémon GO Holiday Catch Challenge Tasks and Rewards

It’s Christmas Eve, which means the day we’ve all been waiting for is tomorrow. However, as anyone who works a nine-to-five knows, there’s always one more obstacle before you can get to the holiday festivities. If you wanna enjoy the holiday properly, you gotta get all of your work done, and when you’re a Pokémon Trainer, your work is catching Pokémon. Lots and lots of Pokémon. Here are the tasks and rewards for Pokémon GO’s holiday Catch Challenge.

As part of the second part of Pokémon GO’s Winter Holidays 2021 event, a catch challenge has gone live. If you can successfully complete the challenge before it ends on December 31st, you’ll get oodles of rewards. Consider it one last death march before the holidays can begin in earnest. All you need to do to complete this challenge is catch lots of Pokémon, though as you move through the tasks, you will have to catch some slightly more specific Pokémon.

Pokémon GO Holiday Catch Challenge Tasks and Rewards

Here are the tasks you’ll need to complete to clear the holiday Catch Challenge:

  • Catch any 10 Pokémon
  • Catch any 25 Pokémon
  • Catch any 10 Ice type Pokémon
  • Catch any 40 Ice type Pokémon
  • Catch 9 different species of Ice type Pokémon

The first two of these tasks are a walk in the park. Just bum around your neighborhood and catch whatever pops up. You’ll have 25 in the bank in like an hour, tops. Following that, you’ll need to start specifically catching Ice type Pokémon. Normally, this would be a bit of a difficult prospect if you didn’t live somewhere especially cold, but luckily, Ice type Pokémon spawns have been boosted all over the world for the duration of the Winter Holidays event, so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Completing each task will reward you with a lump payout of PokéBalls. Here are the rewards you’ll earn, in the same order as the task list:

  • 10 Poké Balls
  • 25 Poké Balls
  • 10 Great Balls
  • 25 Great Balls
  • 25 Ultra Balls

If you successfully complete the whole task list, you’ll also get a free encounter with a Galarian Mr. Mime, a rare Ice/Psychic type.

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