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Pokemon Go Gastly Community Day Guide

Pokemon Go Gastly Community Day Guide

Community Day runs for a few hours every month in Pokemon Go. During these hours, trainers can spot special Pokemon in the wild. The Pokemon will have a unique move previously not available to them or their evolved version. In addition to catching a special Pokemon, Community Days also provide various bonuses. 

July 19 marks Gastly Community Day in Pokemon Go. In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know for this limited-time in-game event.

When is Pokemon Go Gastly Community Day

Gastly Community Day runs from 11 am to 5 pm local time on July 19, 2020, with an additional two-hour evolution window. The featured star of the event is the gas Pokemon Gastly, the Ghost/Poison-type Pokemon. Gastly evolves into Haunter, who can further grow into Gengar. 

Community Day Bonuses

Catching Gastly in the wild isn’t the only bonus to this event. Here’s a list of the various Gastly Community Day bonuses:

  • 1/4 hatch distance on eggs
  • 3-hour incense during the event
  • increased Gastly spawns
  • Increased shiny Gastly rate
  • Exclusive move: Shadow Punch

Note that you must evolve your Haunter into Gengar on Community Day during the specified hours and evolution window to get the Shadow Punch exclusive move.

Gengar does the most damage out of all non-shadow Ghost-type Pokemon in Gym and Raid Battles. Shadow Ball is better in Raids, while the new exclusive Shadow Punch move is better in PvP.

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