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Pokémon GO Falinks Raid Guide (August 2022)

It’s always kind of strange to see multiple organisms acting as a singular Pokémon. Pokémon like Magneton, Eggsecute, Wishiwashi, and Falinks are clearly more than one thing, but they’re utterly inseparable from their counterparts. Well, I guess it’s not so bad; it makes it easier to battle and catch them, for one thing. Here’s a Falinks Raid guide for Pokémon GO.

Once the third Pokémon GO Ultra Unlock begins tomorrow, Falinks will begin appearing in three-star Raids. While some Pokémon will be switching out during the second week of the event, Falinks will be there the whole time, so no need to rush on that front.

Update: As of August 19 at 11:58 PM, Falinks will be removed from three-star raids for the duration of the event. A bug was making it appear distorted. Players can still encounter Falinks in Field Research, and will also appear much more frequently in the wild. You can still use our guide for Pokémon GO Falinks counters and weaknesses.

In Falinks’ place, Machamp will now be appearing in three-star raids from Friday, August 20 at 10 am, to Thursday, August 26 at 10 am. Gengar will then be appearing in three-star raids from Thursday, August 26 at 10 am to Wednesday, September 1 at 10 am.

As a pure Fighting type, Falinks’ resistances break down like this:

  • Weak Against: Fairy, Flying, Psychic
  • Resistant to: Bug, Dark, Rock

Meanwhile, these are the moves Falinks is packing in its kit:

Quick Moves

  • Counter (Fighting)
  • Rock Smash (Fighting)

Main Moves

  • Superpower (Fighting)
  • Brick Break (Fighting)
  • Megahorn (Bug)

Falinks isn’t an especially difficult Pokémon to fight, as all three of the types that it’s weak against are also resistant to Fighting type moves. The only thing you could possibly have to worry about here is if it uses Megahorn on a Psychic type Pokémon, but if your Psychic type is sturdy enough, the potential damage is negligible. That said, it is a very sturdy Pokémon, so you’ll want to counter it with something with high DPS, if only so you don’t have to spend all day knocking it down.

A Legendary Pokémon like Mewtwo, Rayquaza, or Moltres could make relatively short work of Falinks using Psychic and Flying moves. Mega-evolved Pokémon are also a quality choice for their boosted damage output, with good picks including Mega Gengar, Mega Pidgeot, and Mega Charizard Y. If Legendaries and Megas are off the table, sturdy Fairy and Flying types like Gardevoir or Honchcrow, respectively, should be able to get the job done. Espeon could work if you prefer Psychic types, though as I mentioned, that does carry a risk of being hit with Megahorn.

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