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New World Project Board Leveling Guide (30 to 60)

If you're trying to find a faster way to level, this guide may help. Learn how to level your character and territory standing by using our New World Project Board leveling guide.
New World Project Board Leveling Guide

One of the nice features of New World is that nearly anything you do gives you XP. There are tons of ways to trickle XP down to your character, allowing for multiple different leveling methods. We have a leveling strategy that may not seem viable at first glance, but we assure you is one of the best leveling techniques in the game. Here is our New World town project board leveling guide.

You get introduced to the town Project board early on in the game. Most people’s first instinct is to grab every mission on the board and complete them all slowly over time as you quest. Eventually, when you make your way back to town to hand in your regular quests, you complete your town board missions as well for a nice little XP boost. Most people don’t realize that after a certain point, you can use the Project Board as your primary leveling tool and abandon the regular side questing almost entirely. 

The key factors that make this possible are that every town has a project board, the boards reset every 30 minutes, and increasing your territory standing at higher levels drops some nice XP. The strategy essentially works on converting gold and farming time directly to leveling XP.

Simple Overview

The central concept for this form of leveling is simple. Most of our leveling will be done through Town Project Boards, and questing will only be done when cash, Azoth, and resources are needed. We will prioritize certain project board missions over others along with specific town and resource routes to replenish our stockpiles. We are looking to optimize an efficient leveling loop with the Project Boards. Let’s dive in. 

New World Project Board Leveling (LVL 30 to 60 Preferred)

First, it’s important to note that this strategy works best when starting at mid-level, so level 30 to 60 or 40 to 60. The reason is that it requires you to have a decent surplus of gold and materials to really get the full effect. You can still use the guide if you’re lower level to help choose your town board missions more efficiently, but at around level 30, this strategy can take over as your primary source of XP.

This guide is best used leveling from 30 to 60

We will first start by selecting a home town. This will be your primary base of operations and where you will eventually purchase a house. Owning a house isn’t a requirement for this leveling guide, but it’s a tremendous help, and with the first-time buyer discount, it’s a no-brainer to buy a house as soon as you are able. 

If you don’t have a house already, make sure to set your inn to your hometown. It’s a good idea to make your hometown the one with the most active auction house and lowest prices, and on most servers, that ends up being either Windward or Everfall.

Head to the town Project Board, and learn to love it. You will be coming back to it often. It’s important not to take every mission on the board, some are worse than others, and we are looking to maximize our XP and time output. 

New World Project Board

We have put together a town project board tier list to help you identify which missions to pick up and which to ignore or abandon. But as a general overview, here are some to grab and some to avoid. 

Pick Up

  • All crafting missions
  • Armorsmithing and Weaponsmithing
  • Feather Missions
  • Cooks needed missions
  • Hunt Wolves


  • Hunting Missions (Beside wolves)
  • Cooking Missions (the non-simple ones)
  • Fishing Missions
  • Explorers Needed

Collect your missions and start completing them. For nearly all crafting missions, you can simply run outside of the town and quickly farm up the resources. You will want to buy the items needed at the auction house for some of the other missions. Generally speaking, the more gold you are willing to spend to complete the town board missions, the faster you will gain XP. 

The crafting missions are your bread and butter. You can buy the resource for them, but they can be farmed relatively quickly. You can spend an hour or so farming material and have enough to hold you over for over five levels, or you can farm as you go. Here are a few farming routes that you can use for rawhide, ores, and fibers.

From the project board, we want to avoid anything that makes us run around too long to collect or kill and also anything that’s too expensive to purchase or craft. We want to try and complete the project board missions within a half-hour, so anything that slows us down too much for low XP is not worth it. 

Once you have collected and completed all of the missions in one town, you can head to another location. The easiest two towns to go between would be Windsard and Everfall, and they also have the best auction houses most of the time. For the majority of my leveling, I stayed within these two towns, and the cycle would look something like this.

  • Complete Windsward town project board
  • Run up to Everfall 
  • Complete Everfall town project board
  • Spend Azoth to reset house cooldown
  • Port back to Windsward
  • Repeat
New World Windsward to Everfall

If your faction is doing well, you can also use Azoth to port to the various territories you control. The Azoth spent for those territories will be cheaper. Otherwise, you might run out too quickly.

The project board missions reset every 30 minutes. Within that timeframe, you want to complete as many project board missions in as many towns as possible. You will get XP for completing the missions, but you will also get Territory Standing, and whenever you level your territory standing, you get rewarded some XP. The XP from leveling your Territory standing completes the strategy. It’s low in the lower levels, but after you get into the 20s for territory standing, each level gives you a nice chunk of XP, and it adds up quickly. Not to mention you will be leveling multiple territories at one time. 

New World Territory Standing

If you start running low on Azoth, you can do a bit of your piling backlog of quests. You should be over-leveled for them, so they will be easy but still give you solid Azoth. Of course, you can also group up and run corrupted portals. If you go out to quest, farm, or do portals, this would be the only time to pick up some “Explorers Needed” or hunting missions from the board. 

Monitor your Crafting Levels

With this strategy, it’s important not to over level your crafting abilities too early. If you get your crafting professions too high, the project board will start giving you higher-tier missions. And while they will be considerably more XP, they will start to become counterproductive financially and may deadlock you on the project board grind sooner. 

For instance, if you stay below 100 Leatherworking, you will be getting Coarse and Rugged leather collection missions which are easy and cheap to complete for good XP. However, once you cross level 100, you will start getting Layered Leather missions, a big jump in complexity and cost. If you have the money in the bank to handle the higher-level resource grind, go for it. 

One good strategy to keep your crafting levels under control is to sell all of your farmed resources and buy the crafted ones from the auction house. That way, you circumvent the crafting process and can fully control how fast you level it. 

With this strategy, I was able to blast through the level 30 to 60 grind and believe it’s definitely one of, if not the fastest leveling strategy in the game. Give it a try yourselves, and if you need any extra details on anything, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

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