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New World Town Project Board Tier List

Work on and complete the best project board missions, abandon the rest. Don't waste your time and use our New World town project board tier list.
New World Town Project Board Tier List

Opening up a town’s project board for the first time could be a little overwhelming. You may be urged to go ahead and grab every single project on it. Although that’s fine to do, if your goals are to maximize your time leveling either your character or the territory standing, then there is a better way. Some missions are best avoided, so here is our New World project board tier list.

New World Town Project Board Tier List

By their nature, tier lists are very subjective. So I should go over my criteria for what makes a good project board mission. When looking at these missions, we want to keep time, cost, and versatility in mind.

Time and cost are both obvious. We want to complete the missions quickly, and if we need to purchase items from the auction house, it should be cheap. By versatility, we are referring to a mission giving us benefits for more than just its turn in rewards. For instance, we may need to farm rawhide for the “Tanners Needed” mission, which will raise our skinning level and also collect meat and other items.

S Tier

  • Carpenters Needed, Lumberjacks Needed
  • Stonemasons Needed
  • Weavers Needed
  • Tanners Needed, Hunters Needed
  • Metalworkers Needed

The stone, wood, rawhide, ore, and fiber gathering missions are a must-grab from the town board. The higher tier resource required, the more XP and territory standing. Most of these resources will have straightforward routes you can use to farm but should also be priced reasonably in the auction houses.

You can check out the following farm routes and leveling guides to stock up on these resources:

A Tier

  • Weaponsmithing
  • Armorsmithing

Armorsmithing and Weaponsmithing are solid missions to pick up. All of the resources are standard, typically just iron, rawhide, and wood in various forms. The XP usually isn’t the greatest, but these are easy to do and also give you a nice level-up at the forge. 

B Tier

  • Cooks Needed
  • Hunt Wolves
  • Supplies Needed

Cooks Needed is a solid pickup since those recipes are simple, usually only requiring one ingredient. You should be stocked up from your rawhide farming for everything you need. 

Hunt Wolves is the only animal hunting mission I like to pick up, but it’s situational. Most of the main towns have wolf dens right outside, so it only takes a few minutes to go and kill some wolves, collect some hide and complete the mission. The other Hunt animal missions are relegated to the lowest D Tier. 

Finishing “Supplies Needed” missions are heavily dependent on the auction house prices. For instance, feather missions are almost always worth it because they are very cheap. However, you might want to abandon Water missions because water is a pain to collect and is unreasonably expensive in the auction house.

C Tier

  • Alchemist Needed
  • Fisherfolk Needed
  • Explorers Needed

Alchemist and Fisherfolk are a bit too difficult to farm and usually too expensive to make or purchase. However, sometimes the auction house is your friend, and you can find the materials you need for cheap. In that case, stock up and get these missions completed. The Fisherfolk missions where you have to catch salmon or any other fish should be completely avoided. They are far too time-consuming and expensive in the auction house.

Explorers Needed is a very situational card. If you are going to be running out of town to quest or farm, pick these up. Otherwise, avoid them since they provide little XP for the time it takes to run over and finish them. This mission could easily be D-tier if it weren’t for its situational usefulness when you leave town. 

D Tier

  • Hunt Animals (except wolves)
  • Cooking

Besides hunting wolves, the other animal hunting missions are too time-consuming. Some exceptions can be made if you know hotspots for certain animals and are going to go quest, but these missions should be generally avoided.

The specialty cooking missions are D-tier because they are far too expensive to complete. Farming for them is very time-consuming since they use a bunch of various herbs and ingredients. However, the XP for these is good, so if you’re working on getting your cooking leveled up and have the ingredients, this may be a nice pickup. Note that the “Cooking” missions are not the same as the “Cooks Needed” missions.

That’s our New World project board mission tier list. Of course, these tiers are not set in stone, and they will vary depending on the player’s needs and the circumstances. This is just a general list that helped us power level using the Project Board.

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