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New World Mining Leveling Guide (0-200)

New World Mining Leveling Guide (0-200)

Mining is one of the various gathering skills to master in New World, and it is arguably the most difficult one to level up. There are a couple of reasons why the leveling process is so slow. First, there is a lot of competition for Iron nodes, especially since the game is new and most players are low level. Second, there aren’t as many metal nodes as there are animals to skin or plants to pick. That said, we’re here to help you out with our New World Mining leveling guide. 

This guide will show you how to get from level 0 to 200 and provide example routes for Iron, Starmetal, and Orichalcum. These are the three primary metals you’ll be mining in New World, aside from Silver, Gold, and Platinum. You’ll need tons of Iron ore no matter what professions you pick, so it’s a good idea to have a farming route handy that you can run in your downtime.

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New World Mining Level 0-100

Despite it being very slow to level up, the nice thing about mining is that you can go from 0 to 100 by just mining Iron. You can start mining elemental ores when you hit level 50, which will also help speed up the process. 

Iron routes

There are many good Iron ore routes you can run in New World, and we’ll show you a couple of our favorites below. 

Monarch’s Bluffs

A good spot for Iron is in Monarch’s Bluffs by the southern Spirit Shrine. Fast Travel to the shrine and make your way west, following the mountains. You can find dozens of Iron by completing the loop, and by the time you finish it, the deposits you first mined should begin respawning. If you are too quick, you can venture a bit north and grab those before doing the route again.


Another good spot for Iron is in eastern Everfall near the Spirit Shrine. While not as efficient as Monarch’s Bluffs, it makes a viable spot to farm Iron. Travel to the Spirit Shrine, loop down southwest, then east, and follow the mountains north. Refer to the image below. You can widen the route by going further south if you like, so do some experimenting and find a route that works with your pace.

New World Mining Level 100-200

To get from mining level 100 to 200 in New World, you’ll be farming mostly Starmetal, and then Orichalcum for the final 25 levels.

  • Mining Level 100-175: Starmetal
  • Mining Level 175-200: Orichalcum

Starmetal routes

There are several good Starmetal routes, most of which have limited competition. As time goes on and more people reach mining level 100, these spots will likely become more populated.

Great Cleave

One of the best Starmetal routes begins at Cleave’s Point Outpost. Directly outside the town to the south, you can find a few Starmetal nodes. From there, make your way south and then northeast. Visit the lake if you want to grab some motes on your way, and then pick up the remaining Starmetal nodes to the northeast. You can die from enemies if you want to respawn in town and run the route again.


If you are a lower level character in your 20s or 30s, you can mine Starmetal in Windsward and Everfall. Northeast of Windsward near the Cascade Harbor, there’s a mountain range that runs into the Everfall region. Alongside the rocks is where you can find a decent number of Starmetal nodes. It’s not the most efficient farm, but it’s the best place to get Starmetal at a low level.

Cutlass Keys

Another spot for lower-level players in their 30s or 40s is Cutlass Keys. The Rothoard Hollow cave has a few Starmetal nodes inside of it, and there’s usually very low competition here. Run throughout the full cave, grab all of the Starmetal nodes, and rinse and repeat.

Orichalcum routes

Orichalcum is the rarest metal in the game, and there’s not much of it in the lower-level areas. We have two routes for you to follow, one which is for low-level characters, and another for high-level players. Orichalcum nodes take around 30 minutes to respawn, but they give a lot of mining XP for each successful harvest.

Windsward/Monarchs Bluffs

All of the routes for Orichalcum will be somewhat inefficient at low levels. The one we like to use is between Windsward and Monarchs Bluff, by the Hermit’s Shrine. You can start at either of the five node clumps and make your way clockwise (or counterclockwise). It takes a while and it may seem inefficient, but you can do things like harvest or PvP between each node to make it less boring.

Great Cleave

Next up is the Great Cleave Orichalcum route. It’s a tough one to run, and the path is filled with high-level elite mobs, so take caution. You can find this spot in the far western portion of the Great Cleave, and we wouldn’t recommend doing this alone unless you are in your 50s or with a group.

Shattered Mountains

Finally, when you reach the endgame you’ll likely be spending most of your time in Shattered Mountains farming Orichalcum. As you can see by the map below, there’s plenty of it to go around, but the zone is filled with high-level mobs, so it is inaccessible to low-level players.

New World Mining Gear

There are a few perks you’ll want to consider for your gear when it comes to mining. First off, you’ll want some or all of these perks, depending on your preference:

  • Prospector’s Discipline: Gain more Mining experience.
  • Azoth Extraction: Chance of acquiring 1 Azoth when mining a node.
  • Mining Luck: Chance at finding rare items while mining.

Ideally, you’ll want a pickaxe that has Prospector’s Discipline so you can level your mining levels faster. Next, Azoth Extraction helps cover the fast travel costs since you’ll be doing a lot traveling to and from your storage. Finally, you can earn a little extra money by getting Mining Luck on some gear pieces or necklaces.

Additionally, you’ll want some big bags that allow you to carry more weight. The more you can carry, the longer you can stay on your route before you need to head back to your storage shed. So get to farming those Faction Tokens for the Rune of Holding.

You can use foods like potato-based recipes that will increase your Mining Luck. Lastly, you can add a mining-oriented trophy in your house if you are a homeowner. Trophies are a great way to get bonuses for different skills passively.

That concludes our New World Mining leveling guide. For more related guides, builds, and content, check out our website’s New World section.

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