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MLB The Show 21: How to Increase My Ballplayer Attributes

How to Increase My Ballplayer Attributes MLB The Show 21

With the release of MLB The Show 21, we now have full access to the most up-to-date rosters, lineups, features, and gameplay. One of the most popular game modes is the Road to the Show. A common question players ask about this MLB The Show 21 mode is how to increase their My Ballplayer attributes or stats. In this guide, we’ll give you the rundown, so you know what you’re doing, and the three main things to focus on for better performance.

MLB The Show 21: How to Increase My Ballplayer Attributes in RTTS

The three main methods of increasing My Ballplayer attributes in MLB The Show 21 are by:

  1. Playing games.
  2. Creating loadouts.
  3. Maintaining relationships.

When you first begin your journey in MLB The Show 21, you’re going to have to grind your way to the top before you get your shot in the big leagues. The Road to the Show is not an easy one. Whether you’re a pitcher, position player, or two-way player, your journey will be filled with various difficult decisions and challenges along the way. It brings up the first way to improve their ballplayer’s attributes in MLB The Show 21, which is through playing games. 

Playing Games

The Road to the Show in MLB The Show 21 is an incredibly interactive mode that allows the fans to control every aspect of an MLB prospect. It means that you will have a full say over every situation your player’s involved with, and how you handle these situations will determine how fast your player will develop. It will specifically affect your on-field performance.

If you make great contact with a tough pitch, you will see a green plus showing that this attribute has improved. However, if you mess up and swing on a pitch that would’ve been a ball, you will notice an orange minus show up, causing your stat to decrease slightly. At the end of each game, you will see an overall review of attribute change based on your performance. 

It is important that you consistently play through each one of your games, as simulated games will not affect your player’s attributes. On your days off, you will have a choice to boost one or two attributes by competing in some workouts, including short mini-games and other easy tasks.

Also, keep an eye out for “double performance boosts.” Sometimes, your manager (or another coach) will talk to you or the team as a whole about an area of focus for the next few games. In these games, you will receive double the amount of performance boosts for whatever the focus area is, with each attribute maxing out at 50. At this point, you will need to use Perks and Archetype cards to create Ballplayer loadouts, allowing you to specialize your player in different areas of the game. 


Loadouts are one of the newest features added to MLB The Show 21, allowing you to further your player development and increase your My Ballplayer attributes. You can improve your ballplayer by unlocking perks or buying card packs on the marketplace in “Diamond Dynasty.” Each pack can contain archetypes to help you specialize in certain areas on the field.

You can also earn various pieces of equipment in the card packs or on the marketplace, which you can wear during games to help boost your stats (and your swag).  


The final way to increase your ballplayer’s attributes in MLB The Show 21 is through the relationships you build with your teammates. The more experience (and success) you have with other players on the field, the stronger your relationships will be with those players. The better the relationship, the more bonuses you will have access to throughout your career.

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