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How to Get Chipper Jones in MLB The Show 21

How to Get Chipper Jones in MLB The Show 21
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As you progress through your Diamond Dynasty career, you’ll get the chance to unlock a ton of different packs and MLB legends. But one of the most sought-after players in MLB The Show 21 is undoubtedly the Atlanta Braves’ Chipper Jones.

However, in order to acquire this switch-hitting superstar, there are a few tasks you will need to complete beforehand. All of which we will lay out for you below. Here’s how to get Chipper Jones in MLB The Show 21.

How to Get Chipper Jones in MLB The Show 21

If you’re hoping to add 99 OVR Chipper Jones to your Diamond Dynasty squad, then you will first need to complete the All MLB Live Series collection in order to get his MVP-themed card. 

Chipper Jones carries many impressive attributes, but his presence is perhaps most felt at the plate with a 125 in Contact vs. Left-Handed Pitchers, 125 in Power vs. Left-Handed Pitchers, and 100+ in a variety of other areas. That’s why so many players are clambering to try and figure out how to reel him in. 

To find the Live Series Collection, you will need to head over to the Collections menu from the main screen. Here you should be able to find a bunch of different options, such as Starter Collections, Legends & Flashbacks, G.O.A.T., and then the Live Series Collections

Once you’re in the Live Series Collections, you will see different tabs with the MLB logo, the American League logo, and the National League logo, as well as one for each individual division, with all 30 MLB franchises laid out below. 

In order to complete the Live Series Collection, you will need to collect every ‘Live Series’ player for each team in the MLB. 

Once you’ve collected all of the Live Series players for each team, as well as those for each individual division, and then conference. You will be rewarded with a 99-rated MVP-themed Chipper Jones card. 

How to Get Chipper Jones in MLB The Show 21

The best way to collect all of the Live Series cards is by focusing on one conference at a time. Meaning that you should start by taking care of all the AL East teams, then complete the rest of the American League sets before moving on to the NL East teams and finishing the National League set. 

Once you’ve completed all of this, you’ll be able to turn in the Live Series set and add Chipper Jones to your roster in MLB The Show 21. 

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