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What is a Friendly Quit in MLB The Show 21

What is a Friendly Quit in MLB The Show 21

If you’re familiar with the Online gameplay in MLB The Show 21, then you may have come across a scenario where you (or your opponent) have offered to “Friendly Quit” a match. You will face various challenges throughout the game, and in Online gameplay, you will have to gear up for even more pressure and technical mastery. 

Sometimes when you’re playing through these tough matchups, you may get caught in situations where you are down big or have to leave the game unexpectedly. In this case, you can either choose to “Concede” the game or request a “Friendly Quit” from your opponent. To help you further understand the difference, we have outlined the following information to explain exactly what a friendly quit is in MLB The Show 21. 

What is a Friendly Quit in MLB The Show 21

In the simplest terms, if you choose to “Concede” the game, then this will count as a loss against your record and an automatic win for your opponent. However, a “Friendly Quit” (if accepted) would not count against your record or your opponents. When you send a request for a “Friendly Quit,” your opponent has to accept it to cancel the game. If you quit early or your opponent declines the request, it will result in a loss. 

Also, keep in mind that a “Friendly Quit” will eliminate any stats that your player has acquired during that game. This is why it is widely recommended to only accept a “Friendly Quit” if it’s early in the game or if the game is tied. No matter the circumstances, if you quit the game early, you will lose all of the XP you just worked so hard to gain. So, as tempting as it may be to just quit, at least hang in there for the XP. 

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