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Magmortar’s best moveset in Pokemon GO

Magmortar's best moveset in Pokemon GO

Magmar is the official Community Day Pokemon in Pokemon GO on November 21. You can get a free Magmortar with Thunderbolt by evolving it during the event. Magmortar is not necessarily an all-star, but you may want to try him out in PvP. The guaranteed Thunderbolt move is a good addition, and it may help in some matchups. Even if you don’t plan to use Magmortar, evolving your Magmar during the event is still worth it, if not only for Thunderbolt. So, what is Magmortar’s best moveset in Pokemon Go?

Magmortar is the evolution of Magmar, and is a Fire-type Pokemon. It has resistance to Bug, Ice, Grass, Fire, Fairy, and Steel-type attacks and vulnerabilities to Ground, Water, and Rock-type attacks.

Magmortar’s best moveset in Pokemon GO

Here’s a full list of Magmortar’s moves:

Quick moves

  • Fire Spin (Fire): 14 DMG, 9.1 EPS, 15.3 DPS
  • Karate Chop (Fighting): 8 DMG, 12.5 EPS, 10 DPS

Charged moves

  • Fire Punch (Fire): 55 DPS, -15 EPS, 30 DPS
  • Fire Blast (Fire): 140 DMG, -23.8 EPS, 40 DPS
  • Brick Break (Fighting): 40 DMG, -20.6 EPS, 25 DPS
  • Psychic (Psychic): 90 DMG, -17.9 EPS, 32 DPS
  • Thunderbolt (Electric): 80 DMG, 32 DPS

For Magmortar’s best quick move, you’ll want to roll with Fire Spin. It has better damage output than the Karate Chop alternative. For Charged moves, you have some more options available. The top three most popular choices are Fire Punch, Brick Break, and Thunderbolt.

Thunderbolt is a good charged move option, allowing Magmortar to be more effective against Water-types especially, as well as Ground and Rock-types. It won’t change Magmortar’s overall effectiveness all that much, but it does give a slight edge in certain matchups. 

Source: Move damage from TheSilphRoad 

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